Tim Bachman, Bachman-Turner Overdrive Member, Dead at 71

The Bachman-Turner Overdrive co-founding guitarist and vocalist died three months after his brother, Robbie Bachman

Tim’s son, Paxton Bachman, said in a Facebook post on Friday that his father — who originally played in BTO from 1973 until 1974, before reuniting with the group a decade later — died following complications with cancer “throughout his brain.”

“My Dad passed this afternoon. Thank You Everyone for the kind words,” Paxton wrote. “Grateful I got to spend some time with him at the end. Grab yer loved ones and hug em close, ya never know how long you have.”

Paxton also detailed his final moments with his father on Facebook. “I sat with Dad yesterday afternoon and reminisced about some of the good times we had,” he said. “He was pretty out of it most of the time, but at one point looked up at me with really, big wide eyes and said, ‘I love you Paxton, keep sharing the music…’ and then passed back out.”

He added: “It’s really hard watching your parent lay in bed helpless and sick and there’s nothing you can do to help them. Breaking my heart. Thankful for the time we got to spend together.”

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Tim helped form BTO in 1973 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada after their sibling Randy left the band The Guess Who.

The musician appeared in the band’s two albums from 1973, Bachman–Turner Overdrive and Bachman–Turner Overdrive II — on which he penned tracks “Down and Out Man,” “Blown” and “I Don’t Have to Hide.”

Tim was later replaced by Blair Thornton, but eventually returned to the band for a 1984 reunion tour, where he stayed until the late 1980s. Tim sang backing vocals and played second lead guitar on their Billboard No. 12 smash “Takin’ Care of Business.”

Years later, in 2014, BTO was inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame. In later years, Tim worked as a realtor, per Loudwire.

Tim Bachman, Bachman-Turner Overdrive Member, Dead at 71
Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Bachman-Turner Overdrive

After his father’s death, Paxton also put on a show at the Fanny Bay Inn in Canada to honor the late star. There, he thanked those in attendance for showing up after a “tough couple of days.”

Tim’s death comes about after his brother and fellow bandmate Robbie died in January at age 69. At the time, Randy shared the news on Twitter, calling the loss “another sad departure.”

“The pounding beat behind BTO, my little brother Robbie has joined Mum, Dad & brother Gary on the other side. Maybe Jeff Beck needs a drummer! He was an integral cog in our rock ‘n’ roll machine and we rocked the world together,” he wrote.

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