Tom Cruise Hasn’t Seen His 12-Year-Old Daughter For Years And Here Is Why

One of the biggest points of dispute when a couple decides to get a divorce is who will get the custody for the children.

Many parents find it challenging to come to a compromise, but the main point is to put the best interest of the child first.
However, this can be a lot more complicated for celebrity parents, because they often have tight schedules ranging from going on tour to filming a movie on the other side of the world.

And while most celebs try to adapt to these changes, there’s this A-list actor that has made no attempt to contact his daughter, even though he’s had the opportunity to do so.

When Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes got a divorce in 2012, fans were wondering about who would get the custody over their then-three-year-old daughter Suri.
It was revealed that the girl will no longer practice the religion Tom Cruise is famously known to be devoted to, Scientology. The actor is allowed to see his daughter 10 days a month, but a source has told Us Weekly that he hasn’t made an effort to see the 12-year-old in years.

The insider explained that he chooses not to because she is not a Scientologist.
Former editor in chief of The Village Voice and a critic of Scientology, Tony Ortega, said that Holmes have most likely signed “some nondisclosure agreement saying she wouldn’t say anything bad about Scientology” during the proceedings of their divorce.

He went on to explain that the Church requires its members to “disconnect” from people who have left the faith.

Despite the estrangement, Suri is reportedly still trying to forge a relationship with her father. It was reported back in July that she has sent Cruise several letters and voicemails in an effort to restore their relationship.

Cruise, who is said to have a healthy relationship with his two older children Connor and Isabella, is yet to personally respond to Suri. However, he has contacted her through a third party to check in and make sure she’s OK.

“He wants her to know that he’s thought of her all this time and he got all of her messages. In fact, he read and listened to each and every word. Tom’s paving the way to come back in Suri’s life permanently and many expect it to happen soon.” – an insider has told OK Magazine.