Top 3 Ways To Make Him Love You Like Crazy

Are you falling hard for that special man ? Is your mind filled with love and affection for him, yet you’re not sure how to express it?

Possibly you’re worried that he may find you too intense and back away , or maybe you’re imagining that he’ll be drawn into someone else ‘s arms .

Whatever the scenario , try these 3 awesome tactics to help him feel an intense , all consuming desire to be close to you .

# 1. Work Your Way Into His World

Most women think that guys intend to sleep with a new girl as fast as possible . However in my research , I identified that you’re more likely to pull him in by being close friends with him .

Now, I understand that might seem scary because this could get you banished into the “Friend Zone”. Yet the idea here is to not jump in the sack straightaway and artfully draw it out a little .

The fact is , people love the sweet torture of the “slow burn”.

If you play it right , you can maintain this seduction till his passion reaches a point where he can not fathom being ‘just good friends ‘ with you .

He’ll soon feel an urge to take the relationship to a more romantic level.

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# 2. Win Him Over With Words

A great partnership develops when a partnership has a habit of interacting in a gentle , caring way .

Of course, in every-day life this isn’t always the case , especially when arguments and differences of opinion arise .

Although for the most part, a connection flourishes when the focus is more on words of affirmation than hostility or argument .

That’s the reason why a man is more likely to respond positively to a spouse that recognizes his positive traits and honors them with words of positive affirmation .

For example , you can easily say how dashing he looks with his new suit , and even simply the way he can easily recite all that movie trivia .

Think of the characteristics that you like about him, and make an effort to acknowledge them .

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# 3. Make Use Of Powerful Body Language Signals

Maybe you’ve seen how some lovers appear to complement each other ? I’m talking about the way they complete each other ‘s sentences or already know what the other person is thinking before they even say a word .

You may have seen this uncommon occurrence in happy lovers , whether it’s your colleague with her spouse or even your 90-year old grandparents. When they seem to have a connection on a deep, unstated level .

In order to replicate that connection and set the tone for you and your man , it’s good to start with body language .

Naturally , a long-term relationship requires you to develop a connection through shared experiences and so on . But matching his expressions and habits , for instance , is a good means to set the initial foundation .

As an example , when you’re going out on a date together and he’s enjoying it , he may have a smiling, happy look on his beautiful face.

In this moment you would mirror the illumination of his expression and, subconsciously , that is going to allow you to have a psychological synergy with him. It’s magical , and it will certainly feel magical .

The moment you start doing these body language tips , you can start putting your partnership on a far better path . Treat these as practices you can embrace as part of your everyday life , like eating breakfast or making a deposit at the bank .

Pretty quickly , your partnership will be rich with passionate love and you’ll have plenty of it to go around for many years to come .

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It’s like re-wiring his mind so he can not imagine spending the rest of his days with anyone else except you. Truthfully , it’s a degree of devotion that’s almost scary.

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