TRUMP CHRISTMAS BOX Reviews – Patriots Christmas Box Gifts

TRUMP CHRISTMAS BOX Reviews – Patriots Christmas Box Gifts

The Trump Christmas Box is a gift box of several top Trump products from Proud Patriots, including VIP Golden Bucks, Diamond Trump Checks, Trump Golden Tickets, and TRB Checks. While all of these products are available for purchase on individual pages on the Patriot’s websites, buying this Christmas gift box is a great way to save money and collect everything at once.

What is the Trump Christmas Box?

Every supporter of Donald Trump aims to ensure they are vocal about where their loyalty lies. This year, so many amazing products have come out in support of the former president in hopes that he will again enter the Oval Office as the President of the United States. While millions of Americans wait patiently to honor Trump with their votes, they now have the chance to gather the best-selling Trump products of the year this Christmas.

With the Trump Christmas Box, consumers can access an assortment of the top products that True Patriots currently offer on individual pages from their websites. Those memorabilia include:

  • VIP Golden Bucks
  • Diamond Trump Checks
  • Diamond VIP Bucks
  • Trump Golden Tickets
  • TRB Checks
  • TRB Cards

They can get one or more of the Donald Trump memorabilia offers. Individual Trump certificates are offered on other pages of the Proud Patriots network of products. However, by offering all the memorabilia in a single box for Christmas, consumers drastically reduce the costs they would otherwise pay and gift wrap, which saves them money.

Purchasing a Trump Christmas Box

When it comes to ordering a Trump Christmas Box, consumers will have three different options. Each one has more than the last, and users could potentially save 99% on the retail value of these packages if they order the biggest one.

Currently, users have their choice of:

Medium Trump Christmas Box, $149.99

  • Includes 3 VIP Golden Bucks, 3 Diamond Trump Checks, 10 Trump Golden Tickets, and 3 TRB Checks.

Large Trump Christmas Box, $299.99

  • Includes 6 VIP Golden Bucks, 6 Diamond Trump Checks, 10 Trump Golden Tickets, 6 TRB Cards, and 6 TRB Checks.

Santa Combo Trump Christmas Box, $499.99

  • Includes 12 Diamond Trump Checks in black, 12 Diamond Trump Checks in blue, 12 VIP Golden Bucks, 12 Diamond VIP Bucks, 20 Golden Tickets, 12 TRB Cards, and 12 TRB Checks.

All of the packages come with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Trump Christmas Box

Q. What are VIP Golden Bucks?

A. The VIP Golden Trump Bucks is a certificate with a false value of $1,000 that features Donald Trump in a golden hue against a black background. Customers can get the Bucks for as low as $4.99 each when they buy in bulk.

Q. What are Diamond Trump Checks?

A. The Diamond Trump Checks feature a value of $15,000. The certificate shows Donald Trump waving to an implied audience and layered imaging over the background.

Q. What are Diamond VIP Bucks?

A. Diamond VIP Bucks are a set of certificates with a black background and a grayscale version of Donald Trump from the shoulders up. The certificate features a false value of $10,000.

Q. What are Trump Golden Tickets?

A. The Trump Golden Ticket features a design that is similar to a similarly hued certificate from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. The background is solid gold, and the voucher verifies that the user also gets a premium membership.

Q. What are TRB Checks?

A. TRB Golden Checks are non-spendable vouchers with a blank value that Trump’s supporters can use to show their favorite president. This check is adorned with a black background and the eagle emblem found on the US Dollar, and it is signed with Trump’s signature. It features a drawn image of Donald Trump speaking outwardly.

Q. What are TRB Cards?

A. TRB Cards are relatively similar to checks. Instead of a paper certificate, users get a card with a glittery gold background. The card features a large diamond logo with Donald Trump’s signature. The card comes with an identification number, though users are not able to load money onto the card. Instead, they can use it to access their TRB membership.

Q. Will any of the proceeds go toward the 2024 Presidential Election?

A. No. These products are only meant to be a way to purchase memorabilia that reminds them of a time when Donald Trump was the President of the United States. Consumers can also buy it to support Trump’s journey to the White House by displaying their support, but none of the profits go directly into his campaign.

Q. What if the customer is unsatisfied with the Trump Christmas Box?

A. Every order from the Proud Patriots website will come with a 60-day money-back guarantee. Users can contact the customer service team to set up a return.

The customer service team can be reached by sending an email for an order or product support to


The Trump Christmas Box provides an easy gift idea for any supporter. With incredible value and exclusive merchandise, it ensures that consumers will have access to multiple cards and certificates that are just about to be pulled from inventory. Plus, the Trump Christmas Box shipping is fast, allowing users to get ahead of their gift-giving.