Trump’s ‘hot White House’ claim gets roasted on Twitter

President Donald Trump held a press conference on Wednesday to discuss the outcome of yesterday’s midterm elections and, after berating members of the media, he declared the country and his administration as “hot.”

The president, who at times switched between a more muted tone asking for bipartisanship and lashing out against “hostile” reporters who asked him questions, made the remarks after Democrats took control of the House of Representatives but lost seats in the Senate in Tuesday’s election.

Trump’s remarks about his administration being “hot” were in reference to a question about whether he would replace members of his cabinet now that the midterm elections have ended.

“I mean we have many people lined up for every single position—any position. Everybody wants to work in this White House. We are a hot country, this is a hot White House,” the president said. “We are a White House that people want to work with.”

Almost immediately, Twitter picked up on the odd turn of phrase and began mocking it.

Trump’s claim that people want to work at his White House is somewhat belied by the fact that it has seen the most turnover of any administration in modern history.