Tumblr User Explain The Eye-Opening Reason Why People Believed That Witches Exist

There’s a belief that there are people who possess some ‘supernatural’ powers, and they use them to harm innocent people. It actually dates far back to the 14th century, which led to the witch hunt. Because it was fueled with fear and mass hysteria, it lasted up until the late 18th century and resulted in thousands of ‘witches’ being burned or hanged.

Stories of witches today are still terrifying, but the scary part now is the fact that most people who were accused of witchcraft were actually innocent. People in the past centuries were completely unaware of something that we can easily diagnose as ‘poisoning’ today. Check out what actually may have happened to those accused of ‘bewitchment’, as explained by a Tumblr user.

Tumbler user decided to explain what may have happened to those accused of ‘bewitchment’.