Twitter User Asked “What’s The Deep Dark Family Secret That You Learned As An Adult”, And This Guy Response Will Blow You Away

There is something truly fascinating about knowing where we came from. Some people take it to their family tree to find out, and others even go so far to study human fossils. And there are the lucky ones that got to know their older relatives in person and heard what happened in the past by the first-hand experience.
However, it’s not always the case.

Someone put up the question: “What’s the deep dark family secret that you learned as an adult,” on Twitter, and one user’s answer was something that got into the heads of many, including us. @AngryManTv only found out about his grandfather’s prior career on his funeral, where he learned the amazing true story. Scroll down to check out the full story below and learn the shocking secret.

Twitter user @lovelyjessij put up this question on Twitter:

And this guy’s response is something that you don’t even see in the movies:

People in the comments were absolutely amazed, and they thought it was screen-worthy: