Two Chicago Priests Caught By Police Pleasuring Themselves Inside A Car In Broad Daylight

Two priests from Chicago have been arrested after they were caught performing oral s*x on each other in a parked car on a Miami Beach street in broad daylight.

Edwin Cortez, 30, and Diego Berrio, 39, were charged with lewd and lascivious behavior, and Cortez has also been charged with indecent exposure because his unzipped pants exposed his genitalia.

The police were called by a bystander who spotted the two men engaging in oral s*x in a black Volkswagen around 3:20 pm.
The car was parked across a children’s playground and a park.

The car’s windows were not tinted, so both men were in ‘full view of the public’ on the very busy street.
According to Miami Beach Police, the act was still going on when an officer arrived on the scene. The officer said that he could clearly see Berrio performing oral s*x on Cortez, who was in the driver’s seat.
Both men did not immediately notice that an officer had arrived at the car.

Miami Beach Police spokesman Ernesto Rodriguez says:

“We observed the two males performing the s*x act, and the officer had to tap on the window to get their attention”.

Both Cortez and Berrio reside at the San Juan Diego Mission in Chicago, and they were both arrested without incident. They identified themselves as priests to the police, but Rodriguez said that their profession is irrelevant.

“Our trouble with this is that this is broad daylight, for anyone to see, including children.

There’s a time and a place for everything and this certainly was not the time and place.” – he adds.

The Archdiocese of Chicago said that the matter is being investigated.