UB40 memes take over Twitter following report of Kavanaugh’s bar fight

On Monday, the New York Times revealed that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh got into a drunken brawl at a New Haven bar after a UB40 concert.

Police reports from the incident show that Kavanaugh and two of his friends, Chad Ludington and Chris Dudley, were questioned by the police following an altercation with a man who they thought was Ali Campbell, the lead singer of UB40.

It was not. Instead, it was a gentleman named Dom Cozzolino, who didn’t appreciate the group’s stares and told them so. Kavanaugh allegedly responded by throwing ice at Cozzolino. Dudley allegedly threw a glass at Cozzolino, causing an injury that sent Cozzolino to the hospital.

The report is the latest indication that Kavanaugh drank to excess in his youth and, apparently, became belligerent. Neither Kavanaugh nor the White House has commented on the report as of this writing.

There were, apparently, no arrests, and no charges filed.

But there were lots of UB40 memes on Twitter.

Seriously, Twitter cannot stop making this joke. British reggae group UB40’s most popular song is “Red Red Wine,” and as we all know after watching last week’s hearings, Brett Kavanaugh loves beer.

Here’s hoping this dad joke dies before the confirmation hearing.