Watch: Mia Khalifa Blasts Florida Radio Host After He Refers to Her Former Career

Watch: Mia Khalifa Blasts Florida Radio Host After He Refers to Her Former Career

Mia Khalifa, the businesswoman who had a brief career in p**rn, insulted radio host Drew Garabo on air after she injured her breast implant during a Washington Capitals game. Khalifa, who needed surgery after the incident, had been invited on Tampa Bay’s 102.5 The Bone to speak about her injury. The Capitals were playing the Tampa Bay Lightning when she was hit by a flying puck that was going at 80 miles per hour.

Khalifa Did Not Like Being Referred to as an ‘Adult Film Star’ Considering She Was Only in the Industry for 3 Months

Garabo introduced Khalifa by saying:

I’m gonna welcome to the show now a young lady who is an avid sports fan. Now it’s not every day you get to have someone on who is an avid sports fan who was also at one point in time the number one ranked adult film star on P*rnhub…

She has spoken and she has passion and a lot of knowledge. She’s supporting her team, the Washington Capitals against our team, the Tampa Bay Lightning. Then, out of nowhere, one of these damn pucks makes a beeline for her boob and ruptures her implant.

This did not go down too well with Khalifa who responded by saying, “Um, first of all, I was in the adult industry for three months. So you need to f**king fact check before you ask me to call into your sh***y radio station, goodbye.”

Khalifa Then Took the Fight to Twitter Where She Joked Garabo Lived in a Caravan With His Cats

Khalifa, who despite her brief career in the adult industry remains one of the most popular stars on P*rnHub, also took the fight to Twitter writing over two tweets:

I know the educational system in FL is sub par, but if you request an interview from someone recovering from extensive surgery and they graciously accept to speak on it, maybe don’t introduce them by talking about a different vapid adult actresses you once saw at a sporting event as cheap segue into the interview.

I held back what I actually wanted to say to these Floridian inbred idiots, but damn, I hope the FCC sends you a check so high you’ll have to re-mortgage the caravan you and your cats sleep in.

Garabo Fired Back By Insulting Khalifa’s Spelling & Grammar

Drew Garabo responded to Khalifa by tweeting, “Hey genius, if the FCC sends me a check, I’ll be rich. Did you mean “fine” with that big ol’ brain on you? Also, your spelling and grammar are atrocious. I’ll gladly go toe-to-toe with you in any intellectual pursuit that doesn’t require me taking wieners in any of my orifices.”

Garabo went on to say that he didn’t know that Khalifa would be offended by him bringing up her former career. The host also lamented the fact that despite his charitable efforts, including raising money from thousands of dollars and delivering iPads to children receiving chemotherapy, he is going viral because of the Khalifa interview.

Khalifa Says a Beverly Hills-based Surgeon Saved Her Life Following the Puck Incident

On February 28, Khalifa took to her Instagram page to update her followers on the fallout from the incident. Khalifa said that Dr. Jay Calvert, a Beverly Hills-based surgeon that “saved [her] life.” Khalifa said that she was recovering in Los Angeles, alongside her boyfriend, following her “four-hour fat grafting” surgery.

The actress turned businesswoman said, “@drjaycalvert is convinced I would have died (follow him for more in depth explanations as to why). My lung would have been fractured and my ribs would have been shattered. As a result, since then, my breasts have been severely uneven. One deflated, one normal. All of the torn ligaments in my left chest shifted the implant and made it sit significantly lower than the right. On Monday, @drjaycalvert helped me regain my confidence and to correct that. I am healing incredibly, although I will be in this boob prison for about 6 weeks. Worth it though, honestly. I’m lucky to have such a compassionate and caring doctor who goes the extra mile just to check in on you and your feelings.”