What Happens When Women Don’t Have Control Of Their Bodies Through Viral Thread

A Twitter thread by a woman went absolutely viral as it breaks down all of the awful consequences that come with restricting reproductive rights.

Salome Strangelove decided to share her mother’s story with the world on her Twitter profile, and it is a story that was kept private for many, many years. It was shared by Strangelove right before she turned 40, and the heartbreaking story begins when her mother got unexpectedly pregnant and gave birth aged 20.

The thread reads:

“She hadn’t planned to get pregnant with me. She didn’t plan any of her pregnancies, in fact, but she was unaware that her birth control was frequently being rendered ineffective by medication she was prescribed for a chronic problem at that phase of her life.”

She described the pregnancy as “utterly miserable”, and there were other complications when she gave birth. She did not want to go through and experience it again, so she asked her white, Catholic doctor for tubal ligation. The doctor called her selfish and made her feel ashamed, and he suggested that she might have had such a bad pregnancy because she was working during that time. She became even more depressed after the doctor’s visit, and decided not to tell her husband about it.

Strangelove’s mother got pregnant three more times in the next five years, and two were miscarriages. She asked another doctor for a tubal ligation after she gave birth to Strangelove’s brother, and this time he thankfully treated her thoughtfully and kindly. Strangelove writes:

“It was only at this point — after two children, two miscarriages, and five years of life-threatening trauma, terror, and shame, that she was able to have her choice over her own body respected,”

Giving birth should always, ALWAYS be a woman’s choice. Strangelove wrote:

“I like being alive, Love my family and friends. Love my brother. And I believe my mother had every right to never have me and should never have had that choice made for her.”

Her Twitter thread has been liked more than 58,000 times and retweeted more than 25,000 times. Many women related on a very personal, deep level to her mother’s story.

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