Moms Everywhere Can Totally Relate To This Woman’s Funny “Wife Trick Shots” Video.

Do you ever feel like you’re in the movie “Groundhog Day” when it comes to keeping your home tidy?

When you live with kids (or perhaps a messy spouse), you become accustomed to roaming your house and picking up all the stuff that gets dropped or misplaced. For some reason, these simple acts of picking up after yourself don’t come naturally to some, so there’s always one person in the household who’s gathering those fruit snack wrappers, tossing balled-up dirty socks into the hamper, and closing the gosh-darn cabinet doors.

Why are these tasks so impossible for some people to manage?


California mother of three Danielle Cetani was wondering the same thing.

One day, as she was preparing to do a “sweep” of her house, she decided to make a quick video. “Apparently, these things are too hard for my husband to do so I’m calling them Wife Trick Shots,” Danielle wrote when she shared the video to her Facebook page.


The video is only a minute long, but it perfectly sums up how it feels to perform those mundane but necessary acts of tidying. In that one minute, Danielle does everything from changing the toilet paper roll to rinsing her husband’s facial hair out of the sink after he shaved there and left a mess.


She also picks up the dirty socks that have been left right next to the hamper, closes the ajar refrigerator, hangs up his wet towel, and puts the cap back on the toothpaste. All in a day’s work, right, ladies?

Seriously — how hard is it to use a coaster, people? Not hard!


Danielle’s video struck a nerve with irritated wives and mothers everywhere. It’s now been viewed millions of times, and everyone agrees it perfectly captures how it feels to be “that person” in the household.

Watch Danielle’s “Wife Trick Shots” video below, and be sure to share with a wife who will appreciate it!

WIFE TRICK SHOTS. I shot a video the last couple of days. Apparently, these things are too hard for my husband to do so I’m calling them Wife Trick Shots #wifetrickshots #wife #wifey #trickshots #trickshotLike my Page ——>