Will This Be The Last Time We Have To Turn Back The Clock?

Nov. 6 will mark the end of daylight saving time for 2022, and with it brings earlier sunrises and sunsets.

While early risers might enjoy waking up to some sunshine, returning to standard time will eliminate an hour of evening daylight. While the topic of daylight saving time has always been a hot-button issue, it appears there is growing momentum toward ending the semiannual practice of resetting the clock.

In March, the Senate passed the Sunshine Protection Act, essentially keeping states in daylight saving time year-round. The bill passed under unanimous consent.

Generally, for a bill to go through the Senate, it would need to be heard by a committee and pass with support from 60 members. Or, a bill can be passed through unanimous consent. Bills passed by unanimous consent are often benign pieces of legislation, such as naming a V.A. hospital.

Bills can pass under unanimous consent as long as no one objects, which is what happened with the Sunshine Protection Act. But that does not mean the bill was widely supported.

Buzzfeed reported that some senators did not know the bill was up for consideration and would have objected.

So far, the House has not considered the legislation. To codify the Senate-backed bill, the House must approve it by early January when a new Congress is seated. Otherwise, the process will have to start over.

By Justin Boggs, Scripps National.