You Can Now Get Surge Soda—but Only At Burger King

You may remember with fondness the brief time during which Surge soda was widely available. Perhaps you even mourned its disappearance, and prayed that Surge would someday return. Well, it looks like your wishes have finally been granted.

Burger King confirmed that Surge soda will be available exclusively at the fast-food chain. You can get your hands on it at any location that has a Coco-Cola Freestyle machine.

They announced the news via Twitter writing, “we interrupt your regularly scheduled Chicken Fries to tell you that SUUUUUUUUURGE is back! exclusively at BK.”

Cue the nostalgia.

In case you’re unfamiliar with Surge, just think of it as Coca-Cola’s version of Mountain Dew. It was introduced to the market in 1996, but fizzled out (pun intended) in 2003, according to a press release. In the brief time that it was on the market, however, it was able to develop a solid fan base.

“The brand amassed a cult-like following among its young male-dominated fanbase, who loved its bright green color, bold citrus taste and quirky sense of humor,” the press release stated.

surge soda photo

Flickr | Magnus Kolstad

So, to no surprise, you have the millennials to thank for its comeback:

“Millennials are our sweet spot, so SURGE was a great fit. To them, SURGE tastes like their childhood,” Eric Lewis, the group director of marketing at Coca-Cola Freestyle, said in the press release.

And clearly, there are those who are very excited to see the drink make an appearance at Burger King. Fans of the soda took to Twitter as soon as they heard the joyous news:

“YEESSS,” Twitter user @fey_LsTnScRfN wrote.

Another soda lover — Twitter user @SoNortori_us — who’s already managed to try the drink again wrote, “I cried drinking it Saturday.”

Twitter user @BerlynnKaee found out about Surge and became an even bigger fan of Burger King, just when it didn’t seem “possible to love [Burger King] more”:

Clearly, the fact that Surge is available once again — and at Burger King, no less — means a lot to people. Are you excited to taste the sweet, citrus-y taste of this throwback drink, too?