You Can Now Have Your Party Catered By A Waffle House Food Truck

Because breakfast makes everything better.

Food trucks seem to be popping up everywhere lately. From concerts and festivals to even Sesame Street and traffic jams, you can pretty much find whatever you’re craving on a truck, from pizza to tacos and even cupcakes.

Food trucks have also become popular at parties and events, like weddings and open houses. Even Waffle House is getting has joined the trend, offering up a food truck for your special occasions.

That’s right. Your favorite southern breakfast spot has hit the road, offering up all the best breakfast cuisine from their own mobile restaurant.

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The truck itself is stationed in the Atlanta area, where the restaurant is headquartered. It does travel, but events outside of the state of Georgia may include lodging fees for the crew. If you happen to be close to the food truck (which, by the way, looks just like an actual Waffle House) or are willing to shell out some big bucks for travel expenses, you’ll have to pay a $90 rental fee, plus $50 an hour to cover both travel time and the duration of the event. For large events, if guests plan on eating $1,000 worth of food, a 50 percent deposit is required.

Once at the event, the cooks on the food truck will prepare whatever you’d like from their menu, be it lunch and dinner food or, of course, waffles. 

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The Waffle House food truck has been spotted in Florida and at Auburn University football games in Alabama and has also provided free food to residents after floods shut down a Waffle House in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. It also showed up at a construction site where workers were repairing a bridge collapse and, each Thanksgiving, it feeds the homeless in Atlanta.

While the truck has actually been around for five years, it’s only recently gained some attention on social media after the truck’s appearance at a wedding in South Carolina.

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Not into Waffle House or don’t want to pay travel expenses? Perdue is offering a chance to win a party for up to 100 guests, catered by their very own food truck. The deal includes chicken, side dishes, soft drinks, seating and entertainment.

Interested in having Waffle House cater an event? Just check out their website for more information.