Zina Bash is again under fire for ‘OK’ hand sign

On Tuesday, Zina Bash, a member of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh‘s team, came under fire for holding her thumb and forefinger together in a circle.

A gesture that was once universally understood to mean “OK,” has been reappropriated by pranksters as a nod to white supremacy and the policies of President Donald Trump.

But it also still means “OK,” so when Bash flashed it, it spawned a deluge of opinions on whatitallmeans. The general conclusion was that she probably wasn’t being racist. Her team downplayed it publicly this week as a meaningless gesture. But as Kavanaugh’s hearings continued, she… did it again late Thursday.


Speculation immediately erupted online. Was it a troll? A wink and nod? A wink and nod about a wink and nod? Or just a momentary lapse where she forgot about the online fracas from earlier in the week and was signifying “OK” and not “OK, let’s kill the Jews.”

There are no Kavanaugh hearings scheduled for Friday, so at least she won’t have the opportunity to drive the internet up the wall again.


H/T The Daily Dot