10 Child Heroes Show How Quick-Thinking Is the Difference Between Life and Disaster

With all the political controversy afoot in America right now, there are some little people who remind us what the meaning of being good is all about. These mini-heroes are the definition of non-partisan and could teach most adults a thing or two about being a decent person.

Many kids across the U.S. do some of the most remarkably good things at the most trying of times. With all the bad news out there at the moment, we’re taking a look at some young heroes who deserve credit for their acts of kindness.

1. Temar Boggs

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At just 15 years old, Temar Boggs is a prime example of a good American kid who did the right thing at the right time. While hanging out with friends one Thursday, Temar heard the news that a local kid, 5-year-old Jocelyn Rojas, was missing. Temar rallied his neighborhood buddies and immediately initiated a search for the missing toddler.

Giving Chase

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Temar snapped into action at the drop of a hat, mobilizing his buddies on their bikes as a search party to look for the missing child. When Temar noticed the driver of a car behaving strangely, he gave chase. Having made eye contact with the driver, who knew he was caught red-handed, the man released the child from the passenger seat. Temar potentially saved her young life.

2. Marcos Ugarte

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At the tender age of just 14, Marcos Ugarte is another example of an unsung American hero. When Marcos’ neighbor’s house went up in flames, this little hero didn’t think twice as he entered the fiery inferno to rescue 8-year-old Cody Ma. The boy wonder is also a humble type, as he told reporters, according to hellogiggles.com, “I can’t say I really consider myself a hero. I think anyone would have done what I did.”

3. Anaiah Rucker

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Even the under tens can be real-life heroes as the story of Anaiah Rucker proves. At just nine years old, Anaiah was walking to the bus stop near her home when she noticed a truck. When she realized the truck was about to hit her 5-year-old sister, the loving sibling did the most unthinkable thing.

Taking the Hit

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Anaiah hardly had time to think, so acting on instinct she threw her little sister out of harm’s way, taking the brunt of the impact from the truck herself. Anaiah suffered from some injuries due to her heroic act, ending with a visit to the local hospital where she tragically lost one of her legs. Anaiah doesn’t even consider herself a hero, telling the press that she felt she did what any sister would do in that situation.

4. Riley Braden

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Our next childhood hero is Riley Branden aged just five years old! When Riley was enjoying a swim at the hotel pool where she was staying with her folks, she noticed that an 18-month-old toddler had fallen into the pool and was drowning. Without a moment to lose, the young girl drew on her few years as an accomplished swimmer and went to save the child.

No Lifeguard

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Riley knew she had to think fast as she had noticed that there was no lifeguard on duty at the time. There were also no adults in the immediate vicinity of the pool so the young girl moved fast. The little hero dived to the bottom of the pool to save the drowning infant, emerging as she screamed, “I’ve got the baby! I’ve got the baby!” She was rewarded with an award for bravery at the time and rightly so!

5. Caleb Taylor

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Staying within the ‘under 6s hero’ category, we recall a touching story about a remarkable kiddie hero called Caleb Taylor who was only five years old at the time of his heroism. When Caleb woke up and saw his mother was having a serious seizure, he acted in a cool and collected way. He slowly undid his car seat strap and crawled into the front seat. But what he did next stunned everyone, including law enforcement.

Young Driver

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At just five years old, this little hero had the peace of mind to save his and his mother’s lives. Having unbuckled his seat and climbed into the driver’s seat, Caleb managed to steer the car to safety as his mother endured her seizure. Once he had pulled the car over he found someone close by and asked them to call 911.

6. Stuart Crang

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At the age of 10, Stuart Crang was almost as passionate about the ocean as his father who is a lifeboatman. When Stuart noticed two heads bobbing in the water, even though his father told him not to veer away from the shoreline, he knew he had to take immediate action. When it turned out that the couple’s life was in danger, Stuart became another childhood hero.

Breaking Rules

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Despite breaking his father’s rules and strict instructions, Stuart didn’t get into any trouble for his heroic act. When he saw the couple in distress, the young lad paddled out to them when they told him they had been stranded for 45 minutes. He was able to assist them in patching up their leaking boat, just enough to make it float, and then towed them safely to shore.

7. Kyle Forbes

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The next little hero we are about to meet is 10-year-old Kyle Forbes. What makes this one all the more special is that Kyle has autism. The young boy scout, a role he took pride in, was alone one day in the classroom when his teacher began choking badly on an apple.

Heimlich Maneuver

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He may have only been ten years old, but Kyle had learned the Heimlich Maneuver a while back while at scout camp. When the little man saw his teacher was turning different shades of blue, he promptly administered the Maneuver, dislodging the apple from his teacher, Ms. Lowe’s throat, and saving her life.

8. Jaden Kanka

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At the age of just 9, Jaden Kanka is our next brave hero. He was hanging out at home one Sunday with his parents when two armed and dangerous robbers broke in. Being a smart and quick-thinking kid, Jaden thought on his feet and quietly hid in a closet making himself invisible. As his parents tried to reason with the robbers, Jaden slipped out.

Quick Thinking

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In a moment of bravery and with little regard for himself, the young boy quickly ran out of the bedroom closet and out the window, making his way to a neighbor’s house nearby. When the neighbors called 911, the police arrived soon after, and arrested the two men, averting a robbery and possibly something much worse.

9. Johaven Gonzales

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Our next hero was just eight at the time when he was in the car with his pregnant mother, grandmother, and sister. They were enjoying a road trip and taking in the stunning mountain views. But the day would soon turn from a fun outing to disaster. When the car took a wrong turn and ended up going over the mountain edge, Johaven came to save the day.

Amazing Climb

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The young lad managed to pull himself from the wreckage and call 911 on his cell phone. At the same time, despite his age, Johaven managed to climb the 100-foot cliff to direct first responders to the car where his family was. While his whole family was saved thanks to his bravery, Johaven received a new bike from the responders to thank him.

10. Chloe Olson

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Leaving the best for last, it’s time to meet Chloe Olson. This remarkable 5-year-old was hanging out at home one day when she heard some strange noises coming from the kitchen. The young girl rushed into the kitchen to find her mother choking badly on a potato chip.

Calling 911

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Despite her age, the young hero dialed 911 and told the dispatcher what was happening to her mom. As the dispatcher was a man, Chloe in her innocence thought she was talking to her dad. “Daddy, mommy’s choking,” she said to the dispatcher who instructed her to open the front door for responders en-route. To make matters just a little cuter, Chloe ended that call with “Love you, bye.”

Unsung Heroes

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There are many more young heroes across the U.S. who have saved lives and averted disaster and every one of them deserves credit for their courage. In an age where news is almost always bad, it’s so encouraging to be able to take a closer look at the most innocent among us who deserve their title as some of America’s best but unsung heroes.