Alec Baldwin Show Moved To Less Desirable Time Slot On Saturday Night Following Parking Lot Incident

Alec Baldwin has had tough last week over the last few days. Last Friday, police arrested Mr. Baldwin over a parking lot incident, charging him with assault as well as harassment after he supposedly hit another motorist.

And it got worse for the Academy Award-winner on Tuesday, when ABC announced they had moved The Alec Baldwin Show to a less-than-optimal timeslot. Thus far, the SNL alum’s talk show has been on Sunday night around 10:00 pm ET, but beginning on the 18th of November, ABC will air old episodes of Shark Tank.

Alec’s new show will air on 10:00 pm, ET, on Saturday nights starting on the 8th of December. Despite the fact Alec was able to bring in big-name guests to his show like Robert De Niro and Kim Kardashian, his show underperformed, establishing itself as one of ABC’s programs with the lowest ratings.

The actor’s eponymous show premiered in October with 2 million viewers and a 0.3 demo rating, and it has only gotten worse since then. Baldwin also hosts Match Game.


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It looks like Alec’s skills as an entertainer hasn’t transferred over that well to a talk show format. Regardless, Alec has risen back to the top, primarily, because of his imitation of the president, Donald Trump.

After a long and illustrious film career, Mr. Baldwin is now in the media on a regular basis. But for the past week, the reasoning for his appearances in tabloid journals is less than positive.

Following the news he supposedly assaulted another man in a New York City parking lot, Alec took to Twitter to say that the idea he punched someone in the face was “false.”

The actor went on to say that it has become “a sport” in the media to report salacious lies and allegations for the sake of views, ratings, and “clickbait entertainment” – as he put it.

The 60-year-old actor said to the media that he was holding a spot for a family member when a man driving a Saab took the spot. The victim claims Alec then hit him but didn’t clarify where and with what.