Priyanka Chopra Says That Danielle Jonas Was “Missed” At Her Bachelorette Party

After Nick Jonas’ sister-in-law, Danielle, didn’t make it to Priyanka’s bachelorette party, the Quantico alum gave a shoutout to the star, showing that she didn’t take it personally.

Priyanka Chopra Says That Danielle Jonas Was “Missed” At Her Bachelorette Party

In an Instagram post shared on the 6th of November, Priyanka wrote, “pajamas are cool,” alongside her and other women all wearing pink pajamas.

Afterward, Priyanka shared a list of names of all the women who couldn’t make it out to her party, including the 32-year-old reality star, Danielle, who is married to Kevin Jonas. Chopra said, “you were missed.”

The day before that, Danielle suggested she wasn’t happy that she missed out on the weekend party in Amsterdam, Netherlands. “Wish I could have gone. I’m glad you guys are having fun!” the reality star remarked.


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While Danielle wasn’t there, many other big names were, including Sophie Turner, who is engaged to Joe Jonas. Sophie looked like she was having a grand old time hanging out with the ex-Bollywood star. In a post you can see above, Priyanka sits beside Sophie with eye masks that say, “hungover.”

As it was previously reported, the Quantico alum, 36, and Nick Jonas, 26, got engaged back in July of this year, and a source who spoke with the publication, Us Weekly, in October, said they were getting ready for marriage in her native India in December 2018.

The insider added that “Priyanka was super appreciative of the fact Nick is so open-minded and is willing to accept the traditions of her culture.”

Their relationship, while considered to be a positive thing by many, hasn’t been without its detractors. Some people online have suggested the relative age-gap between them is far too great.

According to Harper’s Bazaar, a source who spoke with People Magazine said neither of them cares at all about the difference in age, with the insider adding that “Nick is very mature for 26.”

Reportedly, Nick actually prefers dating older women, and Priyanka’s maturity makes her even more attractive to him. Back in July 2016, Nick was rumored to be dating Kate Hudson, who was 37-years-old at the time. He was 23-years-old then.