Angelina Jolie NOT Set To ‘Wed British Billionaire,’ Despite Report

Angelina Jolie is not “set to wed a British billionaire,” despite a new report based on an ongoing narrative that Gossip Cop has repeatedly shot down. We can once again set the record straight. The actress isn’t in a relationship with anyone at the moment.

According to New Idea, however, the actress and a “mystery Englishman” who she’s supposedly dating are currently planning a “lavish wedding,” but first held a “secret ceremony” over the weekend in advance of the nuptials. An alleged insider tells the magazine, “Ange’s new man has been desperate to prove his love and devotion to her and so suggested they have a ‘wedding ceremony’ last weekend. She was very cagey on the details but said it was a beautiful day.” It’s convenient that Jolie was “cagey on the details,” because now the magazine doesn’t have to provide them.

The questionable source further contends that Jolie’s six kids attended the ceremony, “and while it was a little hard for them to understand with the split from Brad [Pitt] still being so raw, Maddox and Pax especially were excited to see their mom so happy again.” The so-called “ceremony” is said to have taken place at the mystery man’s Los Angeles mansion, “in a garden surrounded by white flowers.”

Naturally, the unreliable magazine knows absolutely nothing about the seemingly nonexistent “Englishman,” but says that Jolie is “impressed by his dedication to helping others and, quite frankly, by his huge bank account.” The official wedding, according to the tabloid, will take place once the actress finalizes her divorce from Pitt. But the “insider” adds, “Ange still wore white and carried a bouquet down the cobbled garden aisle – in her eyes, it definitely felt like they were saying ‘I do’ for real.”

The alleged source goes on to say that Jolie “knows having a wealthy man with deep pockets” will be beneficial when it comes to the legal battle over her kids. “Having a stable father figure in the children’s lives is going to help her get custody, and he is only too willing to help with Ange’s hefty legal bills,” says the supposed insider, who adds, “This is a win-win for Ange.”

This ridiculous narrative has been going on since April 2017 when In Touch first claimed that Jolie was “getting married to a wealthy Brit.” Just last month, the tabloid again reported that Jolie was marrying an “English billionaire.” It’s not happening. People reported a few months ago that Jolie “is absolutely not seeing anyone and will not be.” E! News has also confirmed Jolie is “not dating” and is “very focused on her kids.”

Despite having debunked this premise about Jolie marrying a British billionaire several times already,