#Ariana Grande explains how ex-fiance Pete Davidson Affected the song “Thank U Next”

The superstar opened up about her already ionic single Thank U, Next and how her former fiancé, Pete Davidson inspired her breakup song. As fans know already, the song’s lyrics include the name of the SNL comedian but also the ones of a few of her other exes, such as Ricky Alvarez, Big Sean, and the late Mac Miller.

Aside from that, she also suggested that she and Pete are no longer keeping in touch following their short but intense romance.

In an interview, while a guest on the Zach Sang Show released earlier today, Ariana mentioned that two of her exes, Alvarez and Sean loved the song.

‘Everyone that I am still in touch with has been very supportive of it,’ she then added, hinting that she and Pete are no longer in touch.

Ari revealed that the song could have been very different since she recorded two versions, one of which did not mention any names.

‘I was trying to be protective as well. In my relationship [with Pete Davidson] at the time, things were on and off, and so I did not know what would as going to happen. Then we got back together, and so I had to make a different version of it, but then we broke up once again, so we ended up going with that [first] verse,’ the singer shared.

Grande added that ‘There is a version in which I was getting married, there is a version where I am not getting married, there is a version with nothing — we are not talking about anything. But we all knew the first version was going to be the version we ultimately went with.’

While sharing how the song was born, Ariana got emotional, explaining that it was scary and a big risk for her to put all of that in a song since it is so personal.

Ariana explained how in the eyes of the public, it might be just a song but for her, it was real life and the people and relationships she mentions are as real as they come, which is why it was so scary to release the song.