Artist Spends 3000 Hours To Colorize Old Black & White Photos Of Famous People And They Are Absolutely Amazing

Mario Unger is a digital artist and a photographer from Austria who works on restoring and colorizing old photographs.
He says that the reason for doing all of this work was to reduce the distance of time a little bit. He loves black & white photography, but he thinks that for some photos color is needed as most of them were done in B&W just because there was no color film.

Check out some of his best work below, and make sure to follow him on his Instagram account!

1. Texas couple in the early 20th century

2. Evelyn Nesbit, 1900

3. Picasso

4. Grace Kelly

5. Albert Einstein

6. Maud Wagner, 1905

7. Humphrey Bogart in “Casablanca”

8. Oscar Wilde

9. Mark Twain

10. Walt Disney in 1931

11. Edmund Hillary

12. Greta Garbo

13. Grace Kelly

14. Che Guevara