Controversial Feminist Claims That Rapists Should Have Their Jail Time Sentenced Reduced

The controversial feminist Germaine Greer thinks that the jail sentences for r*pists should be reduced, because it will provide in more of them being convicted for the crime.

In her fiery interview with The Project, Greer claimed that there could be more convictions of s*xual assault if courts relied less on “the burden of proof”, proving beyond reasonable doubt that r*pe defendants are, in fact, guilty.

She went on to say that the courts would only accept such a change if r*pe sentences were reduced.

“Lots of women are saying we should reduce the burden of proof. If you do that you have to reduce the sentence,” she said.

“If you lower the burden of proof you will probably have to lower the tariff and there will be an outcry.”

Greer has landed herself in ‘hot water’ in the past over her comments on s*xual assault as well. In an article for The Australian, she wrote that r*pe causes less psychological harm than male partners who have disinterested intimate intercourse. She also caused an outcry when she said that the emotional and physical abandonment from a loved one is far more damaging than a s*xual attack. And once again, Greer was grilled on her controversial opinions about non-consensual intimate intercourse after her chastening exchange with interviewer Hamish Macdonald.

“The current view of r*pe is that non-consensual sex is r*pe. Once you actually make that bargain with yourself: “I’m going to have s*x I don’t really want” all of this is constrained. None of that is free consent.” – she added.

When asked if non-consensual intimate intercourse is a violent act, Greer replied that “violent” is a funny word, as you can have s*x with a woman without even waking her up.
Twitter users slammed her over the exchange, and they called her out for being ‘extremely triggering’.

“Well that segment was extremely triggering and brought on a full PTSD flashback of something I’d blocked out,” one user said.

Another one added:

“OBVIOUSLY she has never been r*ped in a “nontraditional sense”. She needs to understand and learn. Talk to survivors.”