These Families Tried To Show Off Their Babies And The Results Are Not What You’d Expect

Most new parents can’t take their eyes off of their baby, and who can blame them? A baby’s smile can be one of the most heartwarming things in the world, so it’s no surprise that people like to set up a little photoshoot of their latest offspring to show off their sweet face!

On the other hand, babies aren’t ALWAYS that cute. They fuss, they cry, and they produce very stinky diapers. Therefore they don’t always make the best models, as you can see in these 20 baby picture ideas gone wrong…

1. The photo on the left was probably a great source of inspiration for these parents. After all, who doesn’t love a happy dapper baby boy wearing a bow tie? The result on the right, however, doesn’t have the same effect.

2. One kid seems very relaxed about the idea of getting a younger sibling, while the other, well…doesn’t seem quite as excited about giving up that only-child lifestyle.

3. A little girl pyramid is absolutely precious, but it takes a lot of practice. Let’s just say, the kids on the right may not be quite as ready to make the cheerleading team.

4. Who doesn’t love getting kissed by both of their parents at the same time? This guy! Nobody wants to be smothered with affection, not even babies. We don’t blame you for that expression, dude.

5. This baby looks relaxed, the father looks happy, and the big brother seems to be having fun, so what could possibly be wrong in this picture? Oh yeah, it’s the total lack of diaper.

6. You know what babies can’t do? Read. Though one of the babies seems perfectly content with that fact, the other does not understand why his parents would force societal pressures on him at such a young age.

7. The young lady on the left looks both excited and graceful, wearing her pink tutu and matching pink flower headband. Perhaps the girl on the right is just mad that her parents chose a yellow theme instead. We see a diva fit beginning in 3…2…1…

8. Some kids look up to their parent so much that they try to be just like them. The girl on the right, however, looks like she’s just mocking her pregnant mother.

9. We’re not sure how the left picture was pulled off in the first place. Is the little one wearing a red romper? Is that watermelon even real? The baby on the right doesn’t know and does NOT want to find out.

10. Babies love to be wrapped in towels and blankets – it not only keeps them warm, it soothes them as well. Perhaps the baby in white was wrapped a little too tight or they’re offended by being photographed while looking like a burrito (even if it’s the cutest burrito we’ve ever seen).

11. While the top baby seems to be peacefully sleeping, the other one seems to be completely and totally over this photoshoot. “Roll me over already, mom! Why do you have to be like this?”

12. While the first baby looks like the epitome of zen, immersed in a deep meditation, the second looks like he’s exhausted and has decided to take a nap. Either way, they’re both adorable.

13. As we’ve established before, babies need boundaries. This baby is probably worried about whether or not his mother’s lipstick is cruelty-free. Maybe mom’s crazy. Maybe it’s Maybelline.

14. It’s hard to find a baby-sized Santa hat for your Christmas themed photoshoot, but it’s pretty important that it fits, or else your child’s entire head disappears into this festive chapeau.

15. The idea of making your kid look like it took a bite out of Alice in Wonderland’s shrinking cake does seem a little odd, and the baby on the right is not on board with it. After all, most kids like to proudly proclaim how big they are, not how they fit into a coffee cup.

16. The previous dad whose shirt is covered in baby poop can tell you how dangerous it is to leave your baby without a diaper. This little one spared his family members, but got a faceful when he emptied his bladder during the shoot. Oddly enough, he doesn’t really seem to mind.

17. The little boy on the left seems to really enjoy his cupcake, loving those sweet sugary flavors and having fun making a mess. The boy on the right just wants to take a bath and wonders why his parents would tease him with frosting he’s not allowed to eat.

18. We can’t really blame the baby for this photoshoot fail. Photography is all about angles, lighting, and composition. If you take a dark photo of your baby face planting on your bed, the results are going to leave something to be desired.

19. Even if your baby is fully clothed, you are not necessarily safe from its bodily fluids. This baby probably had a bit too much milk, and thought he would kindly return it to his mother.

20. For some reason, people love a baby in a sailor costume. Though one of these young boys is ready to sail off into the sunset, the other doesn’t seem quite so on board. The wild open seas are not for everyone…

Although some of these photos surely made for some great laughs, not all were a success. Let’s hope we can learn from these mistakes and know what not to do when we photograph our little ones!

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