The 40 all-time best Google Chrome extensions

If you use the Google Chrome browser without using extensions, then sorry honey, but—ya basic. There is a veritable smorgasbord of software that can totally enhance your browsing experience. We’ve hand-picked 40 of what we think are some of the best Chrome extensions out there. Our alphabetical list has an emphasis on practicality and usefulness, but we’ve also included some more fun and light-hearted options.

Up your productivity, improve your online time, and have a Google-themed giggle doing it. Here’s our mega-list of the coolest Google Chrome add-ons ever.

The 40 best Chrome extensions

1) Amazon Assistant for Chrome

Avid Amazon shoppers would be wise to get themselves hooked up with Amazon’s official browser extension. It will provide you with desktop notifications about orders, deals, deliveries and more. It will also help your compare products while you’re browsing with pricing and ratings information.

Amazon Assistant/Google Chrome

2) Wolfram|Alpha (Official)

This extension gives you an official Wolfram|Alpha Button so you can search a “computational knowledge engine” from anywhere on the web without having to load up the site.

Wolfram Alpha/Google Chrome

3) Awesome Screenshot: Screen Video Recorder

Taking the simple act of grabbing a screenshot to the next level, Awesome Screenshot lets you capture all or any part of a web page, screencast, record your screen as a video, make annotations, blur out information or content you want to hide and then share easily with a one-click upload.

Awesome Screenshot/Google Chrome

4) Breaking News Tab

This clever customizable extension gives you breaking news from top news sources of your choice every time you open a new Chrome tab. With news from over 130 regions, you can stay up-to-date with current affairs without having to check individual sources. If you see a story you’re interested in, you can simply expand it to read it straight from the tab.

Breaking News Tab/Google Chrome

5) Break Timer

We all know we need to take regular breaks from our screens, but sometimes that’s easier said than done. The Break Timer extension will help you remember to pause with a customizable timer that reminds you to take some time to avoid eye-strain and RSI. You can choose to have a simple notification or a fullscreen break window—and for the times you really can’t stop what you’re doing, you can select to skip a break.

Breaking News Tab/Google Chrome

6) Calculator

This adds a cute little calculator icon to your browser toolbar. When you need to do some math, clicking the icon will summon the calculator into a resizable pop-up. Clean-looking and perfectly straightforward to use, this is a handy free tool.

Calculator/Google Chrome

7) Comments to Cats

We’re including this as a fun one, but an option that actually might help protect your mental health while online. Comments to Cats replaces the comments on sites like YouTube with feline imagery, preventing you from seeing horrible opinions by instead offering cute kitties.

Comments to Cats/Google Chrome

8) Dropbox for Gmail

Dropbox for Gmail will save you some time as it essentially lets you preview and send Dropbox files and links from your Google Mail compose window. The extension cunningly adds a Dropbox button, clicking it will give you options like recent files, or the ability to search, etc, etc.

Dropbox for Gmail

9) Earth View from Google Earth

Earth View gives you a stunning satellite image from the Google Earth database every time you open a new tab. If you particularly like what you see, you can choose to save it and use it as wallpaper.

Earth View/Google Chrome

10) Email Tracking for Gmail & Inbox—Mailtrack

Promising to offer mail tracking “free forever and unlimited” this extension for Gmail and Inbox lets you see which emails have been read, when and how many times. You’ll see a double check mark when your email has been opened, instantly ending any but-have-they-read-it-yet dilemmas. You can also use this to filter to your mail by which messages have been read and which haven’t.

Gmail Tracking/Google Chrome

11) Emoji Keyboard by EmojiOne

EmojiOne’s fun extension gives you access to an entire emoji library so you can easily input emoticons anywhere in Chrome. What gives this option the edge is that face the emoji database is searchable by keyword, so you can find what you’re looking for quickly and easily.

Emoji Keyboard/Google Chrome

12) Fair AdBlocker

Advert blocking software has been around for a good while now, but this extension offers some funky functionality that allows you to whitelist websites you’d like to support while blocking ads on more annoying sites. It can automatically adios autoplaying video ads, pop-up ads, expanding ads, overlay ads, prestitial ads or interstitial ads, and more.

Fair Ad Blocker/Google Chrome

13) Floating Player

Floating Player lets you watch YouTube videos in a small window while you browse the web or work on a different tab. Once installed, you just need to right-click to see the option to open the video in a pop-up window.

Floating Player/Google Chrome

14) FoxClocks

If you need to know what time it is in multiple time zones, this tool is a nifty way to do so. You can customize your clock set up by country, region, or city. At the click of a button, you can easily view the time in different zones. As a bonus, unlike some other world clock extensions, FoxClocks automatically updates with daylight saving time changes so you don’t have to manually change your settings.

Fox Clocks/Google Chrome

15) GIPHY for Chrome

Add GIPHY gifs to your Gmail messages, Facebook and Twitter posts and Slack conversations with this handy extension. You simply click, search, then drag and drop your chosen graphic straight into your web page.

Giphy for Chrome/Google Chrome

16) Google Calendar

This extension gives you a button on your browser that you can click to see what’s coming up on your gCal. The button also shows an orange plus sign if you there are events on the page you’re looking at that can be added to your calendar.

Google Calendar/Google Chrome

17) Google Dictionary (by Google)

With support for multiple languages, this extension gives you a word’s definition in a pop-up window when you double click on it. You can also see the full definition of a word or phrase in the toolbar dictionary. There’s also the option to translate foreign words into the language of your choice.

Google Dictionary/Google Chrome

18) Google Keep Chrome Extension

Another bookmarking option, this is ideal for Google Keep users. This adds a button that allows you to save all kinds of web content and links down to Google Keep, complete with the option to add notes and labels.

Google Keep Chrome extension

19) Google Mail Checker

Basic, but brilliant for Gmailers, this displays the number of unread messages in your Google Mail inbox and lets you open Gmail at the click of a button.

Google Mail Checker/Google Chrome

20) Grammarly for Chrome

This wicked widget has your back for spelling and punctuation mistakes and grammar errors. Its contextual spell check is clever enough to even detect correctly spelled words used in the wrong context. In addition, it looks out for cases where you misuse homophones like lose/loose and affect/effect, etc.

Grammarly/Google Chrome

21) The Great Suspender

An essential extension for anyone who is guilty of too-many-tabs-open overload, The Great Suspender automatically suspends tabs that you’re not actively using. This helps reduce Chrome’s memory strain. When you want to return to the frozen tabs, they restore and reload when you click anywhere on the page.

The Great Suspender/Google Chrome

22) Honey

Online shoppers in the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, and India can potentially save some dollar (or pound, or rupee) with Honey. If you click on the Honey extension button during your checkout process, Honey will automatically apply any available coupon codes to your cart. It’s not surprising that it’s racked up more than nine million users.

Honey/Google Chrome

23) Hover Zoom+

Hover Zoom+ offers one neat trick—the ability to hover over images and videos on the likes of Facebook, Amazon and Reddit and enlarge the visual to full size in your browser window.

Hoverzoom/Google Chrome

24) IMDb Ratings for Netflix

This is one of those tools that will make you think “how did I ever live without it?” It seamlessly integrates IMDb ratings into the Netflix interface so you can see what kind of score a TV show or movie has without having to go and look it up separately.

IMDb ratings for Netflix/Google Chrome

25) Instapaper

Instapaper/Google Chrome

26) Joymems

As its name would suggest, this neat extension can bring a little bit of joy to your browsing experience every time you open a new tab. It connects to your Google Photos and loads up one of your images with each new tab you open.

Joymem/Google Chrome

27) LastPass

One of the better-known online tools, LastPass is a must-have extension that is guaranteed to make your digital life easier. It’s a password manager that you can save all your passwords, personal information and payment details into so that as you browse, LastPass will autologin to every site you’ve saved.

Lastpass/Google Chrome

28) Lookup Companion for Wikipedia

Frequent Wikipedia users need this unofficial add-on that offers a quick and easy mini lookup tool for the online database. It works like a mini-browser, so you can go back to previous searches if you get caught up in a click-through maze and you can customize the size of the pop-up window.

Lookup Companion for Wikipedia/Google Chrome

29) Momentum

This popular extension replaces your new tab page with what the developers’ call a “personal dashboard.” This customizable page will give you a new inspirational photo and quote each day, the weather forecast and present you with your to-do list, goal for the day and more.

Momentum/Google Chrome

30) Move It

This Chrome plug-in takes the break timer concept to a new level by giving you a random brain break and a quick exercise to complete at intervals you determine. Once you’ve done your physical activity, you click to dismiss the timer and it will reset ready to give you another break at your set time.

Move It/Google Chrome

31) PanicButton

If you’re up to no good online and you need to hide your activity in a hurry, the PanicButton is the tool for you. Once installed, a quick press of the F4 key or a click of the browser button hides all the tabs you have open and replaces them with a “safe” site. You can then choose to restore your hidden tabs or delete them.

Panic Button/Google Chrome

32) Papier

Papier is a clutter-free way of making notes online. This extension gives you a virtual notepad when you open a new tab that you can use to jot down your thoughts, to-do list, shopping needs, whatever. With a very clean interface, it’s an easy way to never forget an important thought.

Papier/Google Chrome

33) Personal Blocklist by Google

If there’s a site (or sites) you don’t want to appear in your Google search results, this extension can help you do the swerve by blocking it from showing up.

Personal Blocklist/Google Chrome

34) Print Friendly & PDF

If you want to save paper and ink when you print, Print Friendly will help you do just that. It optimizes web pages by removing adverts, then lets you decide if you want to delete any extraneous content or change the font size before you hit the print button. You can also use Print Friendly to generate PDFs.

Print Friendly & PDF/Google Chrome

35) Official Quora Chrome Extension

This official Chrome extension adds a Quora badge to your browser from which you can see when you’ve received notifications and directly ask questions by clicking the button.

Quora/Google Chrome

36) Save to Facebook

This official Save to Facebook button is a handy way to bookmark content around the web for regular Facebook users. You can save articles, videos, products, images and more by hitting the button. You’ll then be able to access that content via the “Saved” bookmark on Facebook.

Save to Facebook/Google Chrome

37) Save to Google Drive

This useful tool from Google lets you save images, videos, documents, web pages , nd HTML5 audio directly to your Google Drive. It adds a browser action to allow you to save the page you’re on and a right-click menu to save hyperlinks and media.

Save to Google Drive/Google Chrome

38) Search by Image (by Google)

This extension opens a Gmail “Compose” mail window if you click on any email address online. While that’s reason enough for Gmail users to need it, it also creates a button that when you click it, a Gmail message is generated using the webpage you’re on as the subject line with selected page text and a link in the body of the message.

Search by Image/Google Chrome

39) Send from Gmail (by Google)

This extension opens a Gmail “Compose” mail window if you click on any email address online. While that’s reason enough for Gmail users to need it, it also creates a button that when you click it, a Gmail message is generated using the webpage you’re on as the subject line with selected page text and a link in the body of the message.

Send from Gmail : Google Chrome

40) Send to Kindle for Google Chrome

An official extension, Send to Kindle lets you send reader-friendly versions of articles, features, blog posts and other web content directly to your Kindle device to read later.

Send to Kindle/Google Chrome