23-Year-Old Man Just Became The World’s Youngest Grandpa Thanks To Wild Set Of Circumstances

In life, family always comes first. You only get one, so when there’s a problem that involves their well-being, you do anything to help. This was particularly true for one young man in Australia.

Tommy Connolly grew up with a lot of friends in school and was always a star athlete. However, that all came to an abrupt stop when he received an alarming message via social media from one of his cousins…

This 23-year-old college student had the whole world at his fingertips, along with a beautiful girlfriend to share it with. Unfortunately, though, not everything is built to last.

Tommy was attending school at the University of Sunshine Coast in Queensland and studying to become a real estate agent. He was already working part-time at a local office, while he was chasing his passion at school.

Not only was Tommy a great student, but he was a stellar track and field athlete, as well. He was even en route to compete at an international level. However, something happened that prevented him from furthering his athletic career and dreams…

One afternoon, completely out of the blue, Tommy received a disturbing message on Facebook. It was from a cousin named Kiarna who he had lost touch with years before, and she had some very upsetting news…

Since the last time they spoke, Kiarna told Tommy she had fallen on some rough times. Her boyfriend was currently in jail, she was homeless, and she’d had several run-ins with law enforcement. She needed help, badly.

Tommy was shocked by what he heard. He remembered her as a wide-eyed baby, always smiling and wanting to play with whoever was around. Tommy wasn’t exactly sure how to help, but he knew he had to somehow.

After a few Facebook message exchanges, Tommy drove to where his 16-year-old cousin was staying and took her out to lunch. Kiarna then explained everything to him – well, almost everything.

After speaking with Kiarna, Tommy committed himself to helping her however he could, even if it meant making sacrifices. According to Tommy, family came first, and he was happy Kiarna reached out for help.

Even though Tommy was both working and attending college, he offered her a place to stay in his home. Her life was turning around for the better, but she was still keeping one huge secret from her cousin…

Kiarna was 23-weeks pregnant with a little boy! She was terrified to tell Tommy for fear he’d be less inclined to help. However, exactly the opposite happened: he offered to be her permanent guardian! 

Child services had been following Kiarna and even told her as soon as she gave birth, her son would immediately be taken away since she didn’t have the means to support him. How were they going to change child services’ minds?

Tommy literally spent all of his time making sure Kiarna was in a stable place so she could keep her child. He taught her how to read, write, and drive a vehicle. But, that wasn’t all…

He spent his life savings on a bigger apartment more suitable for a child. He was buying baby goods and attending doctor’s appointments with Kiarna. Tommy was moving mountains, and eventually…

The foster parent paperwork went through! Tommy was Kiarna’s legal guardian at last! Tommy even bought Kiarna a kitten to show the love he had for her. Now, everyone needed to prepare for the birth of Kiarna’s son.

Two months after Tommy became Kiarna’s legal guardian, she gave birth to a boy named Kayden. Tommy was there the whole time; he even cut the umbilical cord! Because Tommy was Kiarna’s legal guardian, the birth of her child meant he became…

The world’s youngest grandfather at 23 years old! How amazing is that? Everyone, including Tommy’s girlfriend, helped take care of Kayden when he came home from the hospital.

Not long after the birth of Kayden, Tommy quit his job at the real estate office to create his own real estate company. He set out to create a brand that represented real people, not sleazy salesmen, and he succeeded. So, how was Kayden doing during all this?

Kayden was surrounded by love. Kiarna was determined to never let Kayden experience even a sliver of the hopelessness she did. This was her life now, one full of happiness and gratitude.

Tommy frequently shared posts on social media of Kayden as he grew up. He was the proud grandfather of a handsome young chap, and he couldn’t wait to see him grow into an adult.

Tommy was fortunate enough to be surrounded by people who supported his decision to help Kiarna. There were those who thought he extended himself too much, but Tommy believed family came above everything else!

Tommy Connolly is truly an exceptional person, and because of that, Kiarna and Kayden now have a much brighter future.

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