Woman Braves Tropical Storm To Give Hysterical Backyard Weather Report.

With hurricane season sending punishing winds and rain along the Gulf Coast of the United States, most residents in that area are hunkering down and trying to stay out of harm’s way.  Most… but not all.

Bethany Kendrick of Mobile, Alabama, wasn’t about to let a little bad weather keep her from pursuing her passion for amateur meteorology. When it comes to reporting the weather, this intrepid weather person is prepared for all scenarios!

Bethany Kendrick weather report hurricane gordon

Bethany is a nurse by trade, but she apparently enjoys dabbling in weather reporting on the side. As tropical depression Gordon swept through her hometown, she and her sister, Moriah Kendrick, slapped on some swim goggles and rain gear and went out into the raging storm — all in the name of science.


As Moriah’s camera rolled, Bethany treated us to a few minutes of the most unscientific, but undeniably funny, weather reporting we’ve ever seen. She stands in the pouring rain to deliver her “special life weather update from my house,” marveling at the sheer amount of “limb and leaf droppage” that’s occurred in her backyard.

She’s also using a whisk as a microphone, which is definitely not something you’re going to see on The Weather Channel.


Moriah helps out by throwing small branches at our newfound weather hero at the appropriate time. Things get a little dicey as our brave weather girl ventures deeper into her darkened backyard, noting the way the rain is pouring off her roof like a miniature waterfall.

And then it’s time for some high-tech gadgets. The only problem is that Bethany doesn’t have any of those, so she has to make do with a meat thermometer.


“I’m not quite sure what a barometer does, but… something about wind?” Bethany admits as she waves the meat thermometer around in the air.

After Bethany uploaded this video to her Facebook page, our weather hero found herself going viral. We’re sure she’ll gain even more popularity once others get a load of this funny lady!

Take a look at Bethany’s special report below, and be sure to share to make someone laugh today.

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Posted by Bethany Kendrick on Tuesday, September 4, 2018