Bethenny Frankel’s recent weight loss is due to a ‘grief diet’

Bethenny Frankel says her recent weight loss is due to what she calls the ‘grief diet’

Bethenny’s boyfriend Dennis Shields passed away a few months ago

Bethenny Frankel revealed that her recent weight loss is due to the ‘grief’ diet, which she has been on since the death of boyfriend Dennis Shields.

Bethenny Frankel says her weight loss is due to the grief diet. (Image source: Instagram/Bethenny Frankel)

Shields passed away in August of this year at the age of 51 from an apparent overdose. Him and Frankel had a very on-again, off-again relationship, but the Real Housewives of New York City star let the world know that she was grieving Shields in an Instagram post soon after his death.

She wrote, “Rest In Peace my sweet babies who gave me endless conditional love. #nowandforever” alongside a photo of Shields and her dog.

Bethenny Frankel
Frankel recently lost on and off boyfriend Dennis Shields. (Image source: Instagram/Bethenny Frankel)

Frankel recently posted a photo of herself in a patterned dress. A fan commented underneath writing, “Love the dress. I would look heavier if I wore that. You’re looking extra thin in these photos. How are you losing weight?” Frankel replied writing, “death will do that to a person #griefdiet I don’t recommend it.”

Image source: Instagram/Bethenny Frankel

Frankel also spoke about Shields at the launch of her Skinnygirl Jeans collection at Macy’s in New York. She told E!, “This has been a very, very difficult summer, and I think it’s amazing how strong we actually are and the things we can actually handle. I mean, time does heal most wounds. He was a big cheerleader for me. So, he’s here with me today… He would be so proud.”

She also shared some tips and tricks for coping with sadness on her social media, saying, “Doing anything in or by the water is life saving. Beach walks. Ocean swims, wakeboarding, clamming, infrared sauna, jacuzzi & my swim really help.”

Frankel has since said being near water is helpful. (Image source: Instagram/Bethenny Frankel)

Shields and Frankel started dating in 2016.