18 Hilarious Photos Snapped By People In The Exact Right Place At The Exact Right Time

Winning the lottery once is pretty rare, and winning it twice is exceptionally unlikely. Chances are, you probably won’t run into your long-lost childhood friend half-way across the globe 30 years later either. Life is full of improbabilities—but where there’s a chance, there’s a way.

It’s highly improbable that the folks involved in the incredibly unlikely events below expected to photograph eye-popping, goofy coincidences and perfectly timed moments. But nevertheless, they had their cameras ready and documented proof that, sometimes, the improbable can happen!

1. Only a wizard could capture on camera the exact moment a balloon burst. But this smartphone user photographed the instance just seconds before bystanders cowered at the sound of a popping balloon.

2. Not pictured here are the six buckets of his own nervous sweat this anchorman had to dump out after seeing his face staring back at him from a WANTED sign.

3. Word to the wise? Don’t put soda in the freezer. Still, while the loss of a diet Pepsi might be enough to ruin this photographer’s day, at least the compression explosion created unique freezer decór.

4. When a birdwatcher needed more information on what appeared to be the Norwegian Lapland Longspur, ol’ Lappy herself showed her face. Clearly, she wanted to make sure the book had its facts straight!

5. Whether the dog knew he was peeing into the gaping mouth of a man on an unfolded cardboard is irrelevant. Internet strangers were still impressed by the boldness the dog showed in marking up his territory.

6. Clearly, the lady on the right didn’t read the morning Metro. If she had, she might’ve seen the headline informing her she was playing a game of Russian Roulette biting her nails like that.

7. While on vacation in Greece, an Australian man picked up a broken debit card…then immediately fell into the Twilight Zone. It was identical to his current card in every way—right down to the name! Was he living a secret life he didn’t know about?

8. The award for Wingman of the Decade goes to this bird, whose im-peck-able timing put him squarely between a traffic camera and the license plate of a speeder. Thanks, bird bro!

9. Not to be outdone by the education-focused Lapland Longspur, this butterfly landed right on her picture. She had to show off her best angles. With wings like that, can you blame her?

10. It is not an incredibly unlikely event that this kid sat in a helicopter cockpit at an air show he attended with his grandpa and uncle. The coincidence occurred 20 years later…

…When he joined the U.S. Army, he landed a role flying Kiowa helicopters. The chopper he’d been flying? Check the tail number. It was the same helicopter that sparked his dream to fly 20 years earlier!

11. Saying something over and over again no matter how much you want it to be true, doesn’t actually make something true. So sorry newspaper: this is a coincidence.

12. Hailing from Tampa, Florida—a city with postal code 33607—a marathon runner sporting runner ID 33607 finished the Rock’n’Roll Washington D.C. marathon…in 3 hours, 36 minutes, and 7 seconds—3:36:07.

13. Of all the places to park, the driver left his car right where the only tree in the parking lot happened to fall. But on closer inspection, what truly went on here was even more unlikely…

Had the driver parked two inches further back, the tree would’ve left a sizeable dent in the sports car’s hood. But to his relief, a finger-sized gap stood between him and the headache of an insurance claim.

14. Perhaps it was along this Canadian highway a photographer so inspired by the landscape—snapped a picture, which would eventually go on the back of a truck cruising down this Canadian highway. Talk about perfect timing.

15. These weren’t the bridesmaids. Rather, all six of these women, in an unlikely coincidence, wore the same dress to the same wedding. Chances are, it was on sale at the local mall.

16. The KFC on the license plate of this McDonald’s mobile subliminally told all who saw it, forget the golden arches; go see The Colonel instead. He’s finger-lickin’ good, after all.

17. There’s no perfect timing or angling required to snap a photo of a stationary man with an oblong head—but look closer. That’s actually two people. The photographer caught this photo the second they formed the oblong-faced chimera.

18. Just imagine this Mitsubishi driver stepping out of his car, locking eyes with the person he just backed into, shrugging and saying whoopsie! while pointing at his coincidental license plate.

Coincidences and improbable occurrences happen every single day—you’ve just got to keep your eyes out for them.

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