20 Genius Netflix Hacks That People Should Be Using But Aren’t Even Aware Exist

The rise of Netflix, in the eyes of its legion of users, was the best thing to happen to entertainment in a long while. The amount of great movies and TV it allows us to watch is staggering. But a lot of people still aren’t getting the most out of the streaming service!

With just a few simple tricks and hacks, as well as some additional outside resources, you can ring all the juice out of this already inexpensive subscription and binge watch ’til your heart’s content. If you thought Netflix was already too good to be true, just check out these 20 tips and see how much better it can be!

1. Use Rabbit to watch with friends: This app allows you to watch shows and movies remotely and simultaneously with anyone you want. Plus, there’s another window for you to chat with them at the same time! Friends don’t let friends stream solo.

2. Use an unblocker: Doggone it, would you believe that certain movies and TV shows are only available in certain countries? If you download the free app Media Hint, you can trick Netflix into believing you’re logging in from another country and get access to more content!

3. Customize subtitles: You can adjust all sorts of things for subtitles, including size, color, and even fonts by going to Your Account > Your Profile > Subtitle Appearance. Now you have no excuse not to watch more foreign films or get lost in translation…

4. Buffering workarounds: While streaming on a computer, hold Shift + Alt (or Shift + Opt if you’re using a Mac) and left-click. This will reveal a Stream Manager, a “hidden” menu that offers solutions to buffering—no more waiting painfully for shows to load.

5. ‘Flix Roulette: It’s easy to waste hours just searching for the right show to watch on Netflix. This app rolls a proverbial dice, randomizing the selection process while also letting you filter titles through actors, directors, and keywords.

6. Reddit: The reddit community r/NetflixBestOf is incredibly enthusiastic and helpful when it comes to film. Ask for a movie recommendation that meets certain qualifications, and they’ll suggest 15 of them—or help you choose between two.

7. Netflix socks: They’re socks, below, that do more than keep your toes toasty. You put them on and watch Netflix, and if you fall asleep, the socks know. A pulse sensor signals to Netflix to pause the screen—that way you don’t miss a second of your shows.

8. Pay with Raise: Raise offers real (and not a scam) gift cards at discounted rates. A $100 Netflix gift card, for instance, might go for $96 on the site—and any savings should make your dreams come true!

9. Download shows and movies: Using the Netflix App, you can download select shows and movies right to your phone. Then you’re free to watch them without streaming at all. Perfect for a WiFi-less flight or road trip.

10. Give account users the boot: You can kick degenerate kids or bill duckers off your account like a nightclub doorman by going to “Settings” under “Your Account” and clicking “Sign out of all devices.”

11. Restrict the kids: Do your kiddos keep trying to watch movies rife with over-the-top gore? Block ’em! By accessing parental controls, you can make a PIN that locks the programs little Johnny shouldn’t be watching.

12. Watch at “off-peak” hours: Watching early in the morning, late at night, or any other time that wouldn’t be considered “prime time” can significantly improve your video quality. But you were watching all day anyway, right?

13. Live that HD life: Browsers Chrome, Firefox, and Opera have maximum resolutions of 720p, meaning you can’t experience true high-definition, left, when streaming your shows. Try Safari or Microsoft Edge—you’re too good for standard definition, right.

14. …Or that standard definition life: Watching Netflix on the go? Streaming in HD on your phone will use around 5 GB of data per hour. By switching to “basic video quality,” you’ll burn through just .3 GB per hour.

15. Netflix enhancement suite: This free, downloadable application adds features to your Netflix dashboard that can improve your viewing choices, including IMDB links, trailers, and what the snobby critics said.

16. Create separate Netflix profiles: Make different user profiles for different moods; for instance, you could make “date night,” “adrenaline rush,” or “feelin’ weird” profiles that then offer different film recommendations for different states of mind.

17.  Rate everything: Just do it. If you hated a movie, let Netflix know, and the service will tweak future recommendations for you. The more you rate, the more precise Netflix can be with future suggestions.

18. What’s on Netflix: This site catalogs Netflix shows and movies in more relatable, searchable ways. It forgoes simple categories like “drama” and “action” for more specific ones like “tearjerkers” for those looking to weep gently.

19. Know the new releases: What’s on Netflix also keeps film and TV enthusiasts posted on what new programs will be available—or soon unavailable—to streamers. Get a jump on fresh, quality content.

20. Watch on TV: You don’t have to watch Netflix huddled inches away from a laptop. Using devices like a Roku, Amazon Prime Fire Stick, or a Google Chromcast, lets you stream shows directly to your TV.

With all of these tips at your disposal, Netflix is going to be better than ever. Hey, you were planning on re-watching all nine seasons of The Office again, right?

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