Captain Morgan Has A Pumpkin Spice Rum That’s Perfect For Fall Cocktails

Nothing beats a pumpkin spice latte to usher in the fall season! However, the rum geniuses at Captain Morgan have their own pumpkin spice beverage — and this one is not quite so safe for the breakfast table. (OK, maybe a little won’t hurt.)

Arriving in 2016 and somehow flying under my radar for two years, Captain Morgan’s Jack-O’Blast Pumpkin Spiced Rum was the first pumpkin spiced rum to be sold in stores. At the time, it was marketed as a “limited-edition” adult beverage. Two fall seasons later, it’s still around and (I assume!) making cocktails amazing wherever it’s served.

So, what does this festive fall treat taste like? You’ll taste fresh pumpkin, cinnamon and other autumnal spices mixed with — of course — Caribbean rum. Think of it as a PSL with an extra kick.

Plus, the bottle itself is shaped like a jack-o-lantern that can be illuminated under a blacklight. A rum bottle that can double as a Halloween party decoration?! Count me in!


Captain Morgan recommends serving Jack-O’Blast with chilled cider, which sounds delicious. It also suggests whipping up the hilariously-titled Smashed Pumpkin punch, a boozy concoction make with apple juice, pumpkin puree, regular and Jack-O’Blast rum and ginger beer (among other ingredients).

Captain MorganYou can also use this pumpkin-flavored rum in what Captain Morgan calls a Pumpkin Spiced Shotte. This autumnal drink combines two kinds of rum with cold brew coffee.

Captain MorganOf course, pumpkin spice rum can also be served straight-up as a shot, which is perfect for fall date nights and adult Halloween parties.


Not into pumpkin spice but definitely into rum? Aside from its original spiced rum, Captain Morgan also offers Cannon Blast, which combines “citrus sweet with a spark of heat” for a warming finish, as well as the new Apple Smash, which has “a burst of green apple flavor” and could be perfect for fall if mixed in a cocktail.

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If you’re just not ready for summer to end, there are also Loconut, a coconut liqueur,  and Watermelon Smash (shaped like a watermelon!) for a more tropical take on rum drinks.

So will you downing some fall drinks with Captain Morgan’s Jack-O’Blast this season? Or are you sticking to a regular pumpkin spice latte?