Dream Job: Get Paid To Live On A Greek Island And Take Care Of Cats

Do you ever wish you could just run away from your ordinary routine and live on a quiet island? And then you sit and really think about it: If I ran away, I would never get to see my cats again.

Well, then, do we have a job for you.

God’s Little People Cat Rescue, a feline rehabilitation center and shelter in Syros, Greece, recently posted a job opportunity for a live-in caretaker to help with the shelter’s 55 cats.

In case you didn’t know, Syros is a small island in Greece that is known for its cosmopolitan yet laid-back vibe. It is near the center of the Cyclades in the Aeagean Sea and it’s considered an authentic and vibrant tourist option — without all the commercialization.

So, basically, Syros is a little piece of island paradise. Add in 55 adorable, cuddle-hungry cats, and you have a recipe for purrfection.

However, shortly after the God’s Little People Cat Rescue posted the job opportunity to their Facebook page, they were inundated with applications.

Thousands have applied for the position, and even highly trained professionals like veterinarians and doctors have thrown their hats in the ring. It’s easy to see why: It sounds like rewarding, wholesome work in one of the most beautiful locations in the world.

Although the job posting has gone viral and spawned lots of funny tweets, it’s important to remember that the real mission behind the God’s Little People Cat Rescue is no laughing matter.

Shelter founder Joan Bowell says she felt compelled to do something to help the island cats of Syros as she saw such suffering among the cats there, including cats being thrown in garbage cans and cats so hungry that their ribs protruded, as well as cats with a variety of painful medical conditions that were left untreated.

Along with her husband, Bowell worked tirelessly to set up the God’s Little People Cat Rescue, even paying for dental operations for strays and holding small burial services for those cats who didn’t make it.

Her efforts have paid off, and the cat rescue is now a flourishing and well-respected shelter that has brought joy, comfort and health back into the lives of so many deserving cats.

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cat photo

Getty Images | Christopher Furlong

“Now you hardly see distressed cats on Syros,” Bowell says. “It all started here.”

And now one lucky applicant will get to help take part in this sacred mission. Eat, pray, meow!

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