Cardi B Reveals To Her Fans That She’s Having Surgery And They Show Her Massive Support

Cardi B shared on her social media account that she’s having surgery today, She posted this yesterday, so this means that today is the big day. She didn’t exactly explain what it’s happening and what kind of intervention she’s having.

A while ago she said that her breast is a bit saggy and she wants to get her boobs lifted, so maybe that’s what she’s doing, but we cannot tell for sure at the moment.

‘Getting surgery tomorrow,’ Cardi B cryptically wrote on Instagram November 19. ‘Pray for me. They removing all my feelings.’

She also included a caption with the post that read ‘I gotta get them remove before grimey winter.’

Cardi’s fans flooded her comments section with kind words and only positive wishes.

‘Stay strong and keep your mind clear stay positive,’ someone told her.

Another follower posted ‘Poor me thought cardi would get a surgery to remove body implants and sayin feelings instead.. offset fades away👩‍🔬


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I gotta get them remove before grimey winter

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One commenter joked ‘What feelings? You sold your soul years ago… you don’t get where you are with rational feelings p-leeease😴😴’

Someone else told her that if she was able to go through labor than this will be a piece of cake: ‘You got this! If you could get through labor, then this ain’t nothing lmao.’

One person said ‘Always praying for my Cardi b always boo boo ur very special and beautiful on the inside and out so with that being said ur gonna be it leaving that operating table🙏🙏🙏.’

As soon as we learn what kind of intervention she had, we’ll let our readers know.

Cardi B also recently showed off on social media the gorgeous crib that she bought for her mom. She was really proud to announce this to her fans.