Underwood has not yet revealed her due date or the sex of the baby, but said in the interview that she’s sure she is bound to slip up and refer to the baby as “he” or “she” at some point.

Her coming bundle of joy is not the only big news Underwood has announced lately. In her Instagram post announcing the pregnancy, she also revealed that The Cry Pretty Tour 360 will kick off in May 2019. Tickets are now on sale.

Last year, Underwood opened up about adjusting to the challenges of motherhood while she also has a busy career.

“[Y]ou just make room and you learn how important that family time is and to be able to spend time and carve out some of that and maybe get to go on vacation and maybe get to go on a cruise — that stuff is so important to, like I said, make time for family,” she told People in 2017. “That’s what it’s all about.”

Congratulations to the whole family on their growing brood!