Teen Sings Her Order In McDonald’s Drive-Thru & Instantly Goes Viral.

For most of us, going through the drive through means waiting in line, trying to make sure we speak clear enough into the speaker so that the person taking the order can hear us, then crossing our fingers that everything in the bag is what we ordered as we drive away.

Not the case for 16-year-old Cecily Hennigan, who made her recent trip to McDonald’s drive-thru way more interesting, and entertaining.


In 2010, YouTube influencer Todrick Hall posted a video of him singing his order to a McDonald’s employee in the drive-thru. On August 8, 2018, Hennigan sang the same song to an employee at her local McDonald’s in Conway, South Carolina. Hennigan posted a video of the event to her Facebook page and said, “This has been a dream of mine to do… so glad I could accomplish it before I left for school.”

This was no prank, though. Hennigan has been singing her whole life and received classical voice training over the past year and a half and is enrolled in The Governors School for the Arts and Humanities in Greenville, South Carolina. Over the years, she has performed on stage at local events.


In the video, Hennigan’s voice managed to make a McFlurry sound like a fine culinary dish. After she finished the song, with her friends giggling in the background, the McDonald’s employee responded with “that was so good!”

It’s no surprise that the video has now gone viral. The reactions to her video range from amazed, to laughing (at the hysterics, not her), to pure awe.


Hennigan has received a lot of attention from the video, and has made a few attempts to get Ellen DeGeneres’ attention. Aside from her dream of being on the Ellen Show, she plans to use her newfound fame and platform to “spread love, and positivity, and hope for all who never think big things will happen.”

Check out the amazing video below (she starts singing a little after the 1:00 mark) and don’t forget to share!

This has been a dream of mine to do at a McDonald’s! So glad I could accomplish it before I left for school! Ladies and gents, this is: THE MCDONALDS SONG.Todrick Hall CBS WMBF News

Posted by Cecily Hennigan on Wednesday, August 8, 2018