Boy Baffled When Stepdad Giftwraps Frame, Then Reads Message Inside & Breaks Down.

What’s cuter than a kid eagerly opening presents on Christmas morning? A kid in Spider-Man pj’s eagerly opening presents on Christmas morning. What’s even cuter than that? Landon Rice.

In 2016, Landon’s mom, Janelle took to Facebook to share some of her Christmas morning memories with her friends and family. What she thought would be a sweet moment to share with those close to her turned into a viral sensation.

Janelle met her husband, Daniel, when Landon was only five months old. Daniel quickly took on the role as Landon’s dad, and Landon never thought of Daniel as anything less. After marrying, Janelle and Daniel went on to have two more babies, making a sweet family of five.


In 2016, at age 11, Landon was enjoying his  Christmas morning and, of course, his presents. As he opened one gift, Janelle recorded the moment. Landon was confused when he opened a picture frame. Once he turned it over and saw a certificate in the frame, Janelle asked him, “can you read it?”

Though he nodded “yes”, Landon didn’t actually read what the certificate said out loud, because he was too overwhelmed with emotion.

In the frame was a certificate of adoption for Landon. Daniel had decided to make his honorary title a legal title.

The certificate read, “This is to certify that Landon Ryan Rice will be formally adopted by Daniel Rice February 2017. It’s not flesh and blood, but the heart that makes us father and son.”

No wonder Landon couldn’t keep it together.


Daniel had been secretly going through the adoption process in 2016 to ensure everything would be in order for him to give Landon the gift – and good news – Christmas morning.

In the ten years leading up to that Christmas morning, Landon had let it be known to his parents that he wanted to be adopted; he wanted it to be official. Janelle told Inside Edition, “I think it is just a piece of him that was missing, but we had no idea that this would be such a blessing to him.”


Today, the the video has been watched more than 40 million times on Facebook, and has been shared more than 25,000 times.

Good luck to Santa and all of the other parents in the world. Landon’s reaction to this present will be a hard one to top.

Check out Landon’s big moment in the video below – and don’t forget to share!

Merry Christmas, Landon!

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Posted by Janelle Rice on Sunday, December 25, 2016