22 Childhood Photo Recreations That Prove Some Families Will Never Change

Looking through old family photos is like taking a trip down memory lane. There’s something about them that makes us want to go back in time and relive those moments of yore, if only it were possible!A new trend inspired by this nostalgia is currently sweeping the globe – and we can totally see why. When these 22 fully-grown adults caught a glimpse of their silliest childhood moments, reminiscing just wasn’t enough…

1. This photo was perplexing when he was a young boy, and it’s still perplexing now. Let’s just hope he doesn’t voluntarily still wear his boxers on his head and his t-shirt through his legs.

2. Were you even a kid if your parents never put you in a laundry basket? This woman wanted to relive all the fun and recreated the moment perfectly with her haircut and matching basket.

3. Just because your kids are grown up doesn’t mean your exhausting job of a being parent is over. Here is a father swaddling his son as they both get some much-needed rest.

4. Going to the beach with your family is always a fun day out. Except if you’re this little girl. It wasn’t fun then, and it still isn’t fun now.

5. Bike rides were never dull when dad let you ride on the handlebars. This father and son’s recreation is just as classic as the never-changing dad sneaker.

6. Brotherly love is a sweet moment to capture between siblings growing up. It’s nice to know that these two still love each other after all this time. Some things never change…except that chubby face.

7. As a father, days at the lake most likely included your kids hanging on you like a monkey all day long. It never gets old bothering dad!

8. Any opportunity to take a picture in a Spider-Man pose is a good one. These brothers perfectly imitated their old photo right down to the shirt.

9. Beach days with the family always ended with at least one sibling burying the other in the sand. But exactly who dug them up…both times?

10. Becoming the captain of your own dock is an epic childhood moment that never fades. As for the speedo? Unsure.

11. The classic pet portrait. How did this cat fanatic take such a spot-on photo? The same dress, hairstyle, sandals, and location? Sadly, the only thing missing is the same cat.

12. Nothing is more exciting than waiting for Santa to come on Christmas Eve. It looks like the little boy on the right asked for his two front teeth…and Santa did not disappoint. 

13. Parents always show their kids photos like this when they’re fighting and say, “Look how you used to love each other!” Glad to see the love is still very much alive.

14. There are several rules when it comes to wearing your Sundays best to Church. Still, the most important rule is clearly that pants must always be worn above the belly button. 

15. Hosing down the kids after a day at the beach was a must to keep that pesky sand out of your house. Seems these siblings just can’t keep clean.

16. Two is company, three’s a crowd. Unfortunately for Mr. Go-Go Gadget pants, there just wasn’t room on the chair. His disappointed face says it all.

17. Sometimes the roles get reversed in a family. It’s sweet to see siblings supporting the success of one another during huge milestones like this.

18. The effort it must have taken to recreate this photo. The outfits are identical, right down to the suspenders. But where’s that stylish mullet?

19. It’s basically a fact: when you give a child ice cream, it’s going to end up all over their face. It doesn’t matter how old you are, eating from a cone will always be messy business.

20. Boys will be boys. These friends haven’t missed a beat when it comes to getting rough and tough in the mud!

21. The level of commitment it took to recreate this photo is more than impressive. Though, we’d still like to know where their shirts went…

22. These siblings prove that splashing around in the rain never gets old. Unfortunately, the youngest still needs a few more years to grow into her raincoat.

Nothing is sweeter than looking back at old photos and remembering the good times. Why not relive it?

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