Chris Hemsworth thinks his career has suffered because of his kids

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Chris Hemsworth talks about the struggles of balancing parenting, his three children and his job

The star has often compromised on work for his three children

Chris Hemsworth opened about the difficulty of trying to be a professional actor and a good parent simultaneously, saying he often compromises on work.

While speaking to GQ Australia, Hemsworth wondered about some of the what-ifs in his life, saying, “I do wonder sometimes, if we [wife Elsa] hadn’t met, what my career would look like. Have I made decisions based on that? How has that influenced me?”

He added, “There are times when I’ve thought, ‘Wow, because having kids is more important to me, some of my roles have suffered.’”

Hemsworth and wife Elsa have three kids together: Sasha, India Rose, and Tristan. Hemsworth explained, “There’s definitely a couple of films I could’ve put way more energy into but I was like, ‘No, I’d rather be with my kids.’”

He said that even though this is how he used to think in the past, he has now come to terms with the fact that individuals need to give some time to themselves as well, saying, “It can’t be a truly individual, selfish endeavor but we still need to take care of our own.”

Hemsworth also addressed the issue of raising kids with the financial success he has had. He said, “I feel gross about it. I don’t want them to feel like they’re privileged in any way.”

“The fact that we have money and their parents are famous, that somehow they’re special, that scares me because we grew up with no money,” he added.

Hemsworth’s full interview will be released on October 8 in GQ‘s November issue.

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