Clever Storage Solutions That Make The Most Of Unused Spaces In Your Home

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Living in small quarters has its advantages. For example, a tinier space can be cozier, easier to clean and more affordable than a roomier home. But when it comes to finding ways to store the things you need and the objects that bring you happiness, it can be challenging.

While there is something to be said for decluttering — minimalism has its benefits — you don’t have to choose between moving to a bigger place or giving up your stuff. Countless small space storage hacks can help you take advantage of room you may not have even realized you possess. Check out these ingenious ideas from people who have found ways to make the most of the space they have available.

Wall Storage

Even with a modest area of unused wall space, you can keep items you regularly use handy without requiring drawers, counters or empty cupboards. This is especially true in a tiny kitchen, where you want to keep the tools you need to be able to cook, bake and eat to your heart’s content. Tracy Deiter (@DeiterTracy) shared a photo of different cooking tools, such as pans, funnels and a splatter screen, hung on nails.

“Open wall space, especially in a small kitchen, is prime #storage space,” tweeted Deiter.

Similarly, this post on Sara’s Kitchen Shenanigans Facebook page shows measuring spoons and cups hanging on tiny hooks, organized by size, ready for quick use.

Storing items in the open doesn’t have to be unsightly, either. These cast iron pans attached to metal pipes and flanges on a rustic wall are functional as well as eye-catching. This post comes from @GreenerInspects.

Under Cabinet Storage

There are many clever ways to make the most of the space between your countertops and your cupboards as well. It can be something as simple as screwing a few hooks into the bottom of your shelving where you can hang coffee mugs or other small items.

That’s what Redditor Unearthingfernweh did to maximize space in a converted van.

Vanlife tips! Space in a van is limited —- maximize your storage by taking advantage of the bottom of shelves! We keep our mugs on display and ready for use with a few eyebolts and small carabiners that we found @homedepot. No more flying cups on rough roads! from VanLife

Alternatively, you can upgrade your kitchen cabinets with built-in extras. JonesCo Contracting (@jonescoinc) suggested these cool alterations on Twitter, posting photos of a silverware tray, cutlery holder and spice rack that pull down from beneath cupboards.

“Want to make use of that unused space under your kitchen cupboards? Here’s an idea, install some under cabinet storage drawers,” tweeted JonesCo. “Put utensils, spices, or anything else you want in there.”

Or, buy under-cabinet wire organizers that easily slide onto shelves and are designed to hold anything from mugs or plates to plastic wrap, baking sheets and single-cup coffee capsules.

Furniture Storage

Handy with woodworking tools? You might consider crafting some home furnishings that serve multiple purposes, such as a coffee table that stealthily hides a fair amount of storage space. Doug Hubbard made this one and shared the project on Facebook.

Twitter user Jason Beggs (@jasonlbeggs) made a platform bed resting upon three deep drawers, perfect for storing linens or clothing. He also designed a nightstand to match.

But if building furniture is not in your wheelhouse, no worries. You can purchase home furnishings with hidden storage for almost every room of your home, such as a sofa with a chaise like the one Devon Cantwell (@devon_cantwell) shared on Twitter. It’s from Ikea.

“I had a lot of folks ask for deets on the couch we bought, so here they are,” tweeted Cantwell. “The cool thing is you can customize so we bought two chaise sections + a regular section. AND, it has amazing storage!”

Door Storage

Something every home has, no matter how small, is at least one door. Utilize your doors to provide extra storage in any room. One way to do so is to incorporate organizers meant for other purposes. For instance, Reddit user Abrrn fastened a plastic shoe holder over the baby’s nursery door to hold wipes, empty bottles and bathing supplies.

“Great use for the small day to day essentials at a glance,” Abrrn posted.

Nursery storage hack! I saw this idea in a pregnancy vlog! An over the door clear shoe holder, off amazon for 8$. Great use for the small day to day essentials at a glance. Especially nursery’s with limited storage. from BabyBumps

Another option is to design an over-the-door organizer that meets your needs. For example, Hélène Boudreau (@HeleneBoudreau) shared this jewelry hanger she made from an over-the-door hook and a baking rack.

Overhead Storage

When all else fails, look up! You might be surprised at what you could store close to the ceiling. For example, if you have an unused, small ladder, hang it from chains in the laundry room, as Twitter user Rich (@TheFeenux) shows in this tweet. It’s perfect for hanging clothing that can’t go in the dryer. Alternatively, repurpose it in the kitchen as a hanging pot rack.

You could also follow this advice from Store & More to install hooks on the ceiling of your garage and hang the family’s bikes upside down when not in use.

Take a good look around your small space and find areas that aren’t currently in use. Then, get creative and think of unique ways to appropriate them to gain storage and peace of mind.