College Grad Honors Parents With Graduation Pictures In Farm Fields Where They Work

A University of California San Diego student is going viral on social media for her graduation pictures, taken to honor her parents.

Jennifer Rocha, from Coachella, Calif., decided to take her graduation pictures in the farm fields where she worked with her parents since she was in high school.

Rocha included her parents in the photographs to thank them for teaching her the importance of getting an education.

Rocha tells ABC 10News she started working in the fields when she was a junior in high school, working overnights planting strawberries.

The soon-to-be graduate says her parents would tell her and her siblings to work hard in school so they wouldn’t have to in the fields like they had to.

Rocha is graduating with a degree in Sociology with an emphasis in Law and Society. Her next goal is to go into law enforcement.

Rocha hopes her story and her pictures inspire other immigrant families that hard work pays off.

By Laura Acevedo, KGTV.