Disabled Tortoise Walks Again With Help Of Custom Wheelchair

George Bailey the Sulcata tortoise was born with a metabolic bone disease that prevented his back legs from fully developing. He has lived his 11-year life unable to walk due to his disability. When he was rescued by Jamie Loebener from an exotic animal facility in Knoxville, Tennessee, however, he received a custom wheelchair that allows him to get around.

Much like his namesake, the tortoise is now living a “wonderful life.” The wheelchair was made for him by Walkin’ Pets.

“[It’s] a custom tortoise wheelchair with a special base featuring a convex support structure to accommodate the natural contour of George’s under shell and a harnessing system designed to expand with George as he grows,” Walkin’ Pets said in a press release.

George currently weighs 70 pounds and may eventually grow to more than 200 pounds. Sulcata tortoises can live for up to around 100 years.

“George’s Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair is amazing! I put George on it, and he is able to move himself around!” Loebener said in the release.

Watch George take his first steps with his new custom wheelchair in the video posted to Twitter by Walkin’ Pets:

How cool!

New Hampshire-based Walkin’ Pets often takes to Twitter to show off their awesome mobility devices for pets.

Check out this clip of Benny the dog getting around with ease thanks to his wheelchair from the company:


And this sweet pup is able to take a nice stroll on the beach thanks to his wheelchair:

Watson the baby cow is also able to walk thanks to his custom wheels:

These devices are amazing inventions! Congratulations to George the tortoise and all the other animals benefiting from these wheels.