Coors Just Launched A Fun And Campy Line Of Merchandise

Coors is ready to celebrate the return of summer fun with a new line of merchandise. The “Hold My Coors” collection is meant to be a cheeky spin on the saying “hold my beer” while legitimately offering some unique ways to carry a cold can or bottle of beer wherever you may venture.

Every item in this new product line is designed to hold your can of beer so your hands are free to enjoy everything summer has to offer.

For example, are you the grill master at your family cookouts, but wish you had a cold lager within reach while you flipped and cooked? The new “Hold My Coors” apron ($49) has two beer koozies attached to the front and will add Chill Master to your list of titles.



The entire “Hold My Coors” collection can be found on the company’s official merchandise website with items starting as low as $18.

In addition to the apron, here are a few other items that beer-lovers might find handy to have around this summer.

Man’s Best Friend Jacket ($45)

Your four-legged best friend just got more stylish (and more helpful!) with this fashionable jacket that allows Fido to fetch you a beer when you want it.


Softball Mitt Beer Holder ($20)

Why wait until between innings during a sweltering softball game to enjoy a cool refreshing drink? This softball mitt beer holder conveniently holds your beverage. Just don’t try to catch the ball with the can inside the glove.


Beer Pouch Hoodie ($49)

Enjoying a cool summer night? Throw on this gray hooded sweatshirt, which has a built-in pouch to hold a bottle or can, so you have one at the ready when you finish the beer in your hand.


Beer Holder For Shower ($18)

You’ve heard of singing in the shower. How about sipping in the shower? The Coors beer holder for the shower sticks to shiny surfaces and has a built-in drainage system.


House Plant Beer Holder ($40)

If you love house plants, try decking them out with these cool-looking koozies. You will have to supply your own plant for this planter/koozie combo.



Who’s ready for a summer of sipping?