Brush Off Sand After A Day At The Beach With This Handy Mitt

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Whether you’re lucky enough to go to the beach all year round or just now and then, you can’t help but notice how sand clings to you like an unwelcome souvenir of your beach time relaxation.

I live in a coastal town in Hawaii, and my family frequents the island’s beaches often. Just look at the sandy mats in my car or the granules scattered across my floors as proof. Even after spending most of my life here, the best sand removal solution I’ve found is either rinsing off at a beach shower or briskly rubbing down my legs and feet with my hands or a towel before getting in the car.

So I was excited to learn about a mitt that claims to get rid of pesky sand easily, and I tried it out on a recent weekend we spent at a beach cottage.

Anna Weaver


The Water Sports Sand-Off Mitt is a terrycloth glove filled with an unscented, talcum-free powder. You stick your hand in the back mesh pocket and wipe away sand with the help of the powder, which gradually comes out of the terrycloth side.

I tried the glove on my sandy legs and feet, and those of my two kids. The result? It worked really well at wiping off both dry and wet sand.

The mitt did leave behind a powder residue (see below at right) that brushed off easily.

Anna Weaver


I wouldn’t have thought about using powder to remove sand, but apparently it helps remove the moisture from the sand so it can be brushed off more easily.

The Sand-Off Mitt isn’t currently available on Amazon, but you can buy similar mitts. I found my Sand-Off Mitt on a third-party site.

Some Amazon reviewers noted that while they liked the product, they wished it was refillable so that once the powder inside was gone, you could put more in.

Anna Weaver


If you don’t want to deal with a mitt that’s not refillable, Amazon sells a well-rated Powder Pouch that you can wash and refill once you’ve used up all the powder inside. Talcum powder, baby powder and cornstarch are all options to absorb moisture.

An entirely powder-free idea that I’ve seen being used at the beach is a bristle brush. Beach Sandy sells a two-sided bristle brush for sand removal that Amazon reviewers love. There’s also a Surf Brush that users love for its soft bristles.

You could use any bristle brush, really, but some may be harsher on the skin than others.

Have you tried any of these methods to get sand off your skin after a day at the beach?