Determined Corgi Has Adorable Way Of Getting Into Tractor With Dad.

+ith the exception of a few weirdos, dogs love car rides. And for all the reasons you’d expect if you could hear and smell as well as they can.

It’s practically sensory overload, the way the wind presses against their fuzzy faces and flaps their tongues around, seeing those skateboarders flying by, and let’s not forget all those intriguing smells coming from near and far. But know what’s even better than sticking your face out the window?

corgi tractor

For this corgi, it’s riding around in Dad’s massive front-end loader.

She gets so excited every time Dad heads out to his huge tractor; ‘Is he going to let me up this time?’ she thinks in anticipation. In the adorable video below, the little corgi’s dad looks like he’s just cleaning off the grader blade. The tiny pup watches carefully, keeping her big corgi ears peeled for those two magic words: “Let’s go!”

farmer cleaning tractor

Betrayal comes in many forms. In this case, it looks like plain, old forgetfulness. Dad must have a lot on his mind because he heads over to the driver’s seat and pulls the door open, then starts climbing up the ladder without sparing his cute pup a single glance.

Hey! Down here! FORGET SOMEBODY?!

corgi tractor

He can’t hear her over the rumbling engine, so she races around the front loader, grumbling all the way, until she’s come full circle. She paws at the ladder, but this vertically challenged pup can barely reach the first step! What she wouldn’t give to be a Great Dane right now.

It looks like Dad is about to squash her with the massive blade, but finally, he glances down and sees the cutie, whose heart, we can only imagine, is all but shattered.

What we could have never predicted, though, is that Dad wasn’t leaving his little girl behind… No, he just knew she wanted to get up into the tractor all by herself!

corgi riding tractor

She is an independent pup, after all!


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