Curious Seal Can’t Stop Chasing Butterfly, Zoo Catches Sweet Interaction On Film.

Seals are incredibly nosy creates, but they can’t help it— it’s in their nature! Three-year-old Pacific harbor seal Kaya is a prime example, but that inquisitive streak recently led to the cutest encounter.

Kaya was born in mid-2015 at the Alaska Sea Life Center and arrived at her new home in the Stellar Cove area of the Oregon Zoo later that year.

kaya at oregon zoo

According to the zoo’s website, Kaya is “curious and brave in new situations and likes to explore.” So naturally, Kaya’s whiskers were on full alert when an unidentified flying object cruised by her enclosure last week.

Well, this is interesting, Kaya thinks, following it around as it flits past.

oregon zoo seal butterfly

Why won’t it stay still so she can check it out? Kaya’s getting a taste of her own medicine, because this is exactly how the rest of us feel whenever we visit a zoo or aquarium.

She follows it back and forth across the glass, then figures maybe she can get a better look from a different vantage point:

seal and butterfly

But the butterfly just lingers there for a couple seconds before zooming back to where it started, continuing this adorable game of tag: “Catch me if you can!”

oregon zoo seal and butterfly

Finally, the butterfly decides to give it a rest and plops down on the edge of the enclosure. It must be pretty exhausting having a creature about a couple million times your size on your heels!


This is seriously the cutest inter-species interaction you’ve ever seen! Check it out below and share to spread more smiles!

Seal Meets Butterfly

Kaya, a young harbor seal at the Oregon Zoo, had an adorable encounter with a butterfly.

Posted by Just For Fauna on Wednesday, August 29, 2018