Dark Pic That Show The Horrifying Impact Our Society Has On Our Emotions

Even though many people would hate to admit it, we are all very vulnerable. The SUN Project is an art collaboration by 4 people that focuses mainly on the destructive and painful emotions people hide. Mimi N is the frontperson, and the group has already built a following of over 165,000 people. They produce illustrations almost daily, and their project perfectly captures the feelings you’ve probably felt on a few rainy Sunday nights.

Mimi N says that she’s been drawing since 2007, and she started out by making comics as part of her epilepsy therapy. She was inspired by daydreaming and the internet, and she adds that the SUN Project is not only about the dark emotions we endure, but it’s also a homage to wonderful scenarios and fashion.

“I just draw what I love, [the] boundary between life and death, beauty and ugliness, smiles and sadness. I love exploring [different] art styles and fashion trends. People usually know me from the SUN Project and I am grateful for all the kind comments,” the artist added. “I’m glad people can relate to it, but that’s only a small part of me. I also love drawing anime, fanart, my own comics and much more. I wish my art can the world a better place.”

Check out some of their truly incredible illustrations below, and hopefully, some of them will help you to come to terms with your own emotions.


Dark Pic That Show The Horrifying Impact Our Society Has On Our Emotions