Dog Saved A Baby Deer From Drowning

Harley the Goldendoodle is a certified therapy dog that works with the elderly and children, and he also loves his owners’ grandchildren. So, it comes as no surprise that the pup is a good Samaritan.

On June 2, Ralph Dorn looked out on the lake behind his home in Culpeper, Virginia, for Harley, and he discovered that his faithful dog was swimming with a baby deer.

He was not sure how the fawn ended up in the lake, but he was heartened to see Harley rescuing it and bringing it in. Dorn took to Facebook to share the experience along with some adorable photos and videos:


“I couldn’t find Harley this morning until I looked out on the lake,” he wrote in his post. “He was near the middle of the lake herding a little fawn back to the shore line. Not sure how the fawn got out there but Harley obviously didn’t ask why, he just jumped into action.”

When they made it to shore, Dorn helped the fawn up a steep ledge. Harley then gently licked the fawn’s body and wouldn’t leave it. The mother deer soon appeared to fetch her fawn.

In his post, Dorn went on to explain that the following morning, Harley acted restless and started barking. When Dorn opened the front door, he heard the fawn bleating. Harley ran out to the fawn. The two touched noses before the fawn and its mom disappeared again.

What a sweet encounter!

People couldn’t enough of this heartwarming interspecies love story, and Dorn’s post has since gone viral, racking up more than 113,000 reactions and more than 257,000 shares on Facebook. Dorn’s glad that his amazing dog has given so many people a reason to smile.



“We’re very happy that it has touched so many people,” he told People, “and brought joy to so many as well.”