Etsy Paintings With 5-Star Ratings

Looking for a new piece of wall art for your home? Etsy is a good place to start. Whether you want an original oil painting, a fine art print or a custom-made piece based on your favorite photograph, there’s something for everyone.

When looking through Etsy, there are so many choices that it can be hard to narrow the field. Here are 25 Etsy paintings that have 5-star ratings and we think are worth a look.


1. Baby’s Heartbeat

This piece of art, which makes a beautiful new baby gift or precious addition to your own nursery, gives an infant’s heartbeat a modern vibe. It’s hand-painted on canvas and can be produced in the colors of your choice. You can pick between a flat or 3D textured effect. All you have to do is provide artist Anna McKnight with a sonogram picture of the baby’s heartbeat. Baby’s Heartbeat prices start at $35 for the smallest size (8 by 10 inches).





2. Julio by Shai Yossef

This canvas print of an original oil painting by Israeli artist, sculptor and painter Shai Yossef is an Etsy bestseller. The original was sold right after its first showing in a personal exhibition by the artist in Israel. It also appeared in two oil painting contests held in London in 2016, along with an art expo in Milan.

“It is the focal point of our living room,” wrote one customer, while another said, “Absolutely love it … makes me smile every time I look at it.” Julio by Shai Yossef is available in a range of sizes, framed or unframed, with prices starting from $72.29.





3. Girl And Her Dog Looking At The Ocean In Summer

Part of artist Susannah Raine’s “Daily Painting” series at Etsy’s zousousbasement, this Girl and Her Dog oil painting depicts a young girl and her dog, looking at the ocean. It measures 8-by-8 inches and costs $65.

Raine gets rave reviews on Etsy, with one customer writing. “The art is perfect, charming and just as described. 100% would buy from this shop again.”





4. PBJ & Jar Of Milk

This signed print of Noah Verrier’s original still life oil painting “PBJ & Jar of Milk” measures 9-by-6 inches and costs $45. Verrier’s work has been exhibited around the world and won numerous awards. It makes the perfect gift for fans of this delicious food combination!





5. Custom Oil Painting

Want a custom hand-painted oil painting? JKFineArtGallery will turn any photograph into a realistic work of art in the size of your choice, from a 4-by-4-inch miniature to a 70 by 54-inch statement piece. Whether you’re working from a blurry Polaroid photograph from the 1970s or a photo of your kids from your smartphone, artist Juan Rodríguez can create something special. Custom Oil Painting costs $60 and up.





6. Colorado Saplings

Colorado Saplings” is a fine art print of artist Melissa D. Robertson’s original 12 by 9-inch alcohol ink painting on Yupo paper. Robertson describes it as “a beautiful and bold impressionistic painting of a photo I took from my back porch while vacationing in Colorado.” It’s available in three sizes: 16-by-20 inches ($68), 18-by-24 inches ($88) and the original ($110).





7. Abstract Line Face

If you like your art in smaller packages, Annie from AnniesArtShop15 specializes in acrylic on canvas paintings, such as the 4-by-4-inch Abstract Line Face. At only $12, it won’t break the bank, showing that you don’t have to spend a fortune to bag yourself some original art. Along with faces, Annie also paints other subjects (such as flower monograms) and takes custom orders.





8. Tranquil

Each of Evie from MissLinArt’s resin paintings is completely unique, so you’re guaranteed to get an original. She uses turquoise and dark blue with gold or silver highlights, with a huge range of shapes and sizes to choose from (prices start at $78 for 6 by 8 inches).  Tranquil is available on a 1.5-inch thick square or rectangular gallery profile with cradled wood/canvas, or a 3/4-inch thick round wood panel.





9. Commissioned Figurative Painting

Lisa Elley uses a palette knife to create her custom art, working from customer’s photographs to produce beautifully textured, one-of-a-kind paintings. Her Figurative Painting prices start at $500 for a 10 by 10-inch canvas, up to $1,050 for 18-by-24 inches.

“Very happy with this purchase! Communication was easy, shipping was quick and as described, and the work was stunning,” commented one customer.





10. Prosperity Tree Oil Painting

There’s no guarantee this painting will attract wealth, prosperity and success, but that could be an added bonus of investing in the Prosperity Tree Oil Painting from TheSacredEssence. Hand-painted on canvas using palette knives, the finished product has a beautifully rich texture and the gold definitely becomes the center of attraction in any space. The price starts at $155.





11. Mountains

Lauren Cedar’s original mini watercolor “Mountains” series consists of paintings in different primary colorways: yellow, purple, pink and blue. At $8.50 per painting, you’ll want to buy four and display them together!

“To be honest, she should probably charge more,” wrote one customer.





12. Beach Painting – Sunset Landscape

This print of Heatherlee Chan’s original oil painting on canvas captures a stunning beach sunset at the Oceanside Pier in San Diego, California. According to Chan, it’s a chromogenic photographic print, produced using archival inks and Kodak Professional Endura paper with a lustrous finish. A range of sizes of Beach Painting – Sunset Landscape are available, with a 5-by-7-inch print costing $12.





13. Krishna Painting

Artist Nikki Chauhan specializes in Indian and abstract art, such as this Krishna Painting, which starts from $557.60 for 24-by-24-inch canvas. Her collection also includes skylines, state maps, angel wings, botanicals and female watercolor nudes, some with gold leaf. What ties them all together are incredibly vibrant colors and a contemporary style.





14. Picture To Painting

If you have a beautiful photograph you’d love to have turned into a work of art, HGandADesigns can do it for you. Choose from a wide range of sizes and receive a watercolor print canvas that will take pride of place on your wall. It’s not hand-painted (the company uses an intricate digital painting process), but it’s the next best thing — and much cheaper than sitting for a private commission. The Picture To Painting starts from only $25.





15. Along The Ridge Print

A print of artist James Redding’s original painting “Along The Ridge” is produced on acid-free premium presentation matte fine art paper and comes mounted on an archival mat board. Depending on the size you choose, it fits a standard 8-by-10-inch or 11-by-14-inch frame, costing $29 or $45 respectively.

One customer describes the Along The Ridge print as like being in the middle of a “beautiful summer day.”





16. Blacklight Jellyfish Painting

This original painting of a jellyfish from Kimberly Leahey comes with a twist — it’s blacklight-sensitive. But even if you don’t have it in a room with a black light, it still makes a great addition to the home of any ocean lover. Measuring 11-by-14 inches on stretched canvas and costing $75, the sides of the Blackfish Jellyfish are painted so you can hang it directly on the wall with no need for a frame.





17. Cherry Blossom Tree Painting

Lovers of Japanese art will love the Cherry Blossom Tree Painting, which is an original, one-of-a-kind piece for your home. It’s available in a range of sizes, with prices starting from $200 for a 10-by-16-inch art piece.

Customers love the work of artist Tatiana Zhitnikova. One Etsy user says, “I can’t say enough good or great things about her.”





18. Pale Pink

Another original painting, the oil on canvas “Pale Pink,” is described by one customer as “a tiny piece with big impact.” Made to order and ready to hang, it measures 6-by-6 inches and costs $169. And if roses aren’t your thing, the artist at Etsy seller ArtFable takes custom orders.





19. Yemaja

Claudia Olivos sells prints on canvas and paper featuring sacred mothers and goddesses, such as Yemaja, Yoruban Goddess of the Sea, and Kali, the Hindu Goddess representing endings and beginnings. Prices start at $38 for 5.25 by 7 inches.

“She is absolutely stunning!!! ” wrote one reviewer about the Kali painting.





20. Tiny Pine Warbler

An archival fine art giclée print of Shauna Finn’s original oil painting is small but powerful, measuring 5 by 3.5 inches on 8-by-10-inch paper. According to the artist, it’s printed with Epson Ultrachrome archival inks (proven to not fade, smudge or yellow for 200 years) on heavyweight matte velvet fine art paper. It’s also signed. For $20, you can add Tiny Pine Warbler to your art collection.





21. Mischief

Nancy Noel’s “Mischief” ($53) is one for cat lovers. It’s an open edition lithograph poster of Noel’s original oil painting and measures 14 by 13 inches.

“Having always loved white cats, I’m thrilled to have this beautiful print,” wrote one happy customer.





22. Between Pages And Stations

Another art print of an original painting, “Between Pages and Stations” is the work of Cecilia Rosslee and is available in four sizes, from 8-by-10 inches ($20) to 24-by-36 inches ($80). If you’re a fan of the impressionist style, this one is bound to appeal.

“It reminds me of a huge growth period in my life and fits perfectly with other important items of mine that bring me peace,” commented one customer.





23. Quiet Swim

Water babies will appreciate “Quiet Swim,” a fine art giclée print of an original painting by Angela Ooghe. Each print is made to order and you can choose from 8-by-10 inches ($35) or 11-by-14 inches ($45).

“Even under glass it looks like there is texture and dimension … it is beautiful,” wrote one customer.





24. Cumulus V

Recreate the sky in your room with “Cumulus V,” a large fine art print by artist Corrine Melanie. A range of sizes is available from 24-by-36 inches to 48-by-72 inches, with prices starting from $161.50.

“This artwork is absolutely gorgeous!!! I’d give it a million stars if I could,” wrote one reviewer.





25. Flowers And Hills

The original oil painting “Flowers and Hills” by artist Ellen Cox evokes a tranquil countryside scene with late summertime blooms in the foreground. Painted on a canvas panel with a palette knife to add texture, it measures 16-by-12 inches and has a price tag of $52.70. It comes unframed.