Douche Creeper Sends Unsolicited D!*k Pic To Woman, So She Tracks Down His Mom

What’s the most tried and tested method when a kid gets harassed in a schoolyard or playground? ‘You mess with me and I’ll tell mom!’.
However, as people grow, parents lose their authority over their kids, but no matter the age, there’s nothing worse than being shamed in front of your mom.

Imgur user rockpapermew decided to use this to her advantage when a douche randomly messaged her at 3 AM some weeks ago. She wrote that she had never received an unsolicited d!*k-pic before, but she figured that this would be a fun response. To be fair (which maybe she shouldn’t have been given the situation), she never actually sent this to his mother, but she is 100% sure that it really was this guy’s mom on Facebook. Check out the hilarious method this girl used in order to deal with this serious issue below!

Needless to say, the ploy worked like a charm and struck fear into the heart of the creeper. What do you think of this method? Is it something you would use, or you got something even better? Tell us in the comments below!

This dude randomly messaged her at around 3 AM.

People kept asking the girl to send the pics to his mother anyway!

She gave them an explanation: