1-Yr-Old’s Reaction To Hearing Her Echo For The 1st Time Is Too Pure For This World.

When you think about it, an echo is a magical sound.

Andy Brill of Milwaukee, Wisconsin recently introduced his one year old daughter, Nova, to the sound of an echo. Now, her adorable reaction to the sound reverberating around an empty racquetball court is going viral because it’s simply too pure for this world.


As Nova sat in her daddy’s arms, Andy held out his cell phone and began recording video. First Andy makes a sound, which echos throughout the stark, white space, and then Nova imitates him.

Her beautiful brown eyes widen in surprise as she hears the sound of her own voice ricochet across the space.


It takes a few seconds for the full thrill of what Nova’s hearing to occur to her, but once she figures out that all she has to do is make a noise to hear the beautiful reply, she tries out a few more noises.

The way her surprise melts into a joyful smile would warm even the coldest of hearts.

Andy Brill Nova hears an echo

Andy originally shared this video on his Facebook page, where it quickly amassed tons of views, likes, and shares. Nearly everyone who saw it said it brightened their day just being in the virtual presence of such a pure and sweet reaction.

After other online publications started sharing the video, it went seriously viral, giving little Nova and her family their first taste of internet stardom. Just look at her face — we are swooning!


We just love the innocence of children. It sometimes takes so little to impress them, and it’s their inherent sense of wonder that keeps our jaded, adult hearts pure. Thank you for sharing this moment, Andy and Nova!

Watch Nova hear an echo for the very first time in the video below, and be sure to share to brighten someone’s day today!

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Posted by Andy Brill on Saturday, July 28, 2018